What is Anapanasati Meditation?

In ‘Pali’ language,
Ana’ means ‘In-Breath’
Apana’ means ‘Out-Breath

‘Sati’ means ‘Be with it’

In Anapanasati Meditation“,
the attention of the mind should constantly be on the normal, natural breath.
The task on hand is effortful, joyful oneness with the breath.
No ”mantra” is to be chanted…
no form of ‘ deity ‘ is to be entertained in the mind…
no hathayogic pranayama like ‘ kumbhaka ‘..
holding the breath.. should be attempted.

What is the procedure?

  1. Hands should be clasped and all fingers should go into all fingers
  2. The feet should be crossed
  3. The eyes should be closed
  4. Observe the normal natural breath

Note – Any comfortable sitting posture can be taken… The posture should be as comfortable as possible…It is not at all necessary that we should squat on the ground… You can perfectly prefer a comfortable sofa… 

What happens when we Meditate?

  1. “When we are with the breath-energy, the mind becomes rather empty.
  2. Then, there is a tremendous in-flow of cosmic energy into the physical body.
  3. Gradually, the hitherto dormant third-eye begin to become activated.
  4. And, by and by, cosmic consciousness gets to be experienced.

  What is Pyramid Meditation?

Meditation done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful
Meditation done inside a pyramid, or underneath a pyramid, is called as Pyramid Meditation. 
Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids.
Pyramids provide most effective high-energy environments for beginners of meditation.
Pyramids help to reduce the level of stress and tension in the physical body

Most people who have experimented with Pyramid Meditation, describe themselves as experiencing a total relaxation of their body, followed by the shutting out of unnecessary external stimuli and irrelevant thoughts and finally achieving an altered state of consciousness which allows them to concentrate on deeper inner levels.


” SPIRITUAL HEALTH is the ‘ ROOT ‘ ..  and … PHYSICAL HEALTH is the ‘ FRUIT ‘ “