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“ SCIENCE ” always endeavors to discover a CAUSE and EFFECT relationship.

“SCIENCE” endeavors to unearth all the CAUSES behind the EFFECTS.

“SCIENCE” is an understanding of the basic generic equation “ A + B = C + D under given temperature and pressure ”. If the required level of temperature and pressure are not provided, then, “ A+B ” will certainly not yield “ C+ D ”.

For any chemical reaction to happen, a certain degree of temperature and certain amount of pressure have to be maintained .. if the desired results are to be achieved. This is the essence of “SCIENCE”.

In HUMAN EVENTS also, if a person wants to achieve certain results, a combination of proper raw materials and a rigorous maintenance of required “TEMPERATURE” and “PRESSURE” etc, are absolutely essential. There are so many ELEMENTS and FACTORS involved that go in to making of an “ HUMAN EVENT ”.  And, one has to understand “ SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ” as the “ SCIENCE ” behind the CREATION of Human Events.

We all really wish to have the GOOD THINGS in life .. such as .. happiness in life .. direction and meaning in life .. great health in the body etc., etc. All these desired things are possible through the PRESENCE and INTERACTION of the right ingredients/right components such as “ Meditation ” .. “ Swadhyaya ” ..
“ Sajjana Sangatya ” .. “ Ahimsa ” .. “ Vegetarianism ” etc., etc. And, these things are required to be maintained at a definitive level of SINCERITY and SERIOUSNESS to have desired shape in HUMAN EVENTS.

In the Field of CREATION OF HUMAN EVENTS, too, without
“ A ” and “ B ” getting combined, “ C ” and “ D ” will not result. And, SINCERITY / SERIOUSNESS are the most essential “temperature”/“pressure” factors.


M = Meditation       Si = SINCERITY
SW = Swadhyaya   Se = SERIOUSNESS
SA = Sajjana Sangatya
A = Ahimsa
V = Vegetarianism

Welcome to the Great Field of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE ! Hail unto all the EARNEST Students and DEDICATED Teachers of the Holy SPIRITUAL SCIENCE !