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Mental Health is the total basis of physical health. And, spiritual health is the basis of mental health and spiritual intelligence is the other name for spiritual health.

Where there is no mental health, there is no physical health.

And, where there is no spiritual intelligence, there is no real matter and intelligence.

A sound physical body depends primarily upon the existence of a sound mind. A sound mind means being happy .. always .. both in victory and defeat .. both in success and failure .. both in youth and old age.

“spiritual intelligence”

Existence of a sound mind depends entirely upon possessing a spiritual intelligence: a spiritual intelligence is squarely opposed to a worldly intellect.

An intelligence which is well matured in spiritual experience is called a spiritual intelligence.

An intelligence which has no spiritual experience whatsoever is called worldly intelligence.

When we understand that we are not just a physical system consisting of muscles and bones .. but that we are a fundamental consciousness .. then we possess a spiritual intelligence.

When we understand that we are only on a temporary journey on the space-ship Earth, then we possess a spiritual intelligence.

When we understand that we have no right whatsoever in interfering in other’s personal lives, or in any way to judge others, then we possess a spiritual intelligence.

When we understand that we alone are responsible for creating our on-going realities .. in all circumstances .. then alone we can claim we possess a spiritual intelligence.

When we truly understand that we give unto others comes back multiplied, in the same kind, then alone, we possess a spiritual intelligence.

Every mind should be a sound mind! For that, every intelligence should become a spiritual intelligence.

To possess a perfect spiritual intelligence is to possess perfect spiritual health.

“only meditation”

Spiritual intelligence is created only in intense meditation.

When a person is immersed in intense meditation, then alone one begins to experience soul consciousness .. which is the very definition of spiritual intelligence.

Staying put in such condition .. i.e., being with one’s own cosmic self .. atleast for two to three hours a day .. one begins the process of possessing a spiritual intelligence.

When we are with the cosmic self, abundant cosmic energy flows into the physical system of muscles and bones and all the flaws in the physical system get washed .. and all diseases are completely healed.

Spiritual health is the Root, Physical health is the Fruit.