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Be With The Normal Breath

Be With Your Breath-Energy

let your breath-energy baptize you

inhale softly, easily .. exhale softly, easily

let your breath be a rhythm of calm

your breath is rhythm of calm .. follow your breath

“be relatively calm, in the mind”

use your mind to follow your breath

in .. out .. in .. out .. that is all

“be relatively still, physically”

Anapanasati Meditation .. is so simple

.. so very easy .. not at all difficult

meditation should be done regularly .. everyday

Meditation Can Be Done ..


anyone .. at any age

at any time .. at any place

meditation should be done ..

as per one’s age .. in terms of so many minutes

e.g., twenty minutes .. if your age is twenty years ..

forty minutes .. if your age is forty years and so on and so forth ..

Spiritual Health is the “ROOT”

Physical Health is the “FRUIT”