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BREATH is our life.
There is no life without Breath.
Breath-Energy is the supreme energy.

Everyone requires this energy.. like plants, trees, animals, birds, humans .. all require this Breath-Energy.

Breath-Energy is, however, is more spiritually essential for the humans.

But, how do we get to know the Breath-Energy? How to feel its essence?

The way is to try to become very intimately aware of the natural flow of the breath.

“easy, natural breath”

To experience Breath-Energy, we have to be with the BREATH. But how? Here is the methodology: Don’t take  ‘long’ or ‘short’ breath. Keep only to natural, normal, soft and easy breath.

When we become one with this natural and easy breath, automatically our mind begins to become rather empty. When the mind becomes more or less empty, we begin to get abundant inflow of cosmic energy. Soon, something called as the “third-eye” gets activated, ultimately making us realize our SOUL’s true potential.

“science of meditation”

Similar to our two physical eyes, we also have a “third-eye” .. and like our physical body, we also have an ‘astral body’. All this is understood only through the process of breath meditation.

When we learn to place our total and “undivided attention on breath”, it is called “meditation”. And with more and more practice of regular meditation, we understand the total scope of the Science of Meditation.

“soul science”

Through meditation, we can ‘see’ our past and future. Knowing the main mile-stones of our past .. we come to understand that we have changed many bodies and that we have passed through many varied “up and down” life-experiences.

Finally, we realize that we are not body.. we are Soul. “Ayamatma Brahma” .. “Aham Brahmasmi” .. “Tatwamasi”. That means we begin to understand concepts like “We are everything” .. “We are eternal” etc., etc.

This whole subject is called as “Soul Science”.


Through breath-energy we understand the science of meditation .. “dhyana shastra” and through “dhyana shastra” alone we understand the “science of the soul” or  “atma shastra”.

Only after having a firm grasp of “Soul Science” can we begin to understand the basic elements of day-to-day life and living .. how to speak .. how to eat .. how to feel .. how to touch .. how to walk .. in fact each and every point of our life, one by one.

All this is nothing but “Enlightenment” .. also called “Spirituality”.


“Religion” means “re-ligate” .. that is to “re-unite”. Now, we understand the magnificence of all religions. Now, we become one with all the world’s religions. Every religion has been based upon the same truth of “Soul Science”.

With direct and personal soul-experience, we understand that we don’t have any limitations or any type of boundaries.

As a fabric is woven from individual threads, the SOUL-ENTITY is woven from free-will inclinations and activities.

We are forever free god-birds! And, we are second to none !