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My dear Pyramid Masters and Friends

The world is changing. The world is undergoing a metamorphosis; The world is going through a sea change.

Now, there is a global information revolution. Now there is a global communications revolution. There is a global computer revolution…And to top it all there is a global spiritual revolution.

All these revolutions “put together” are creating a new mankind. Humanity of yesterday is not the same as humanity of today. Humanity of today is not humanity of tomorrow. Law of karma is catching up with people instantly. Intentions are becoming “realities” overnight.

Classic example is our own¬†Maitreya-Buddha Dhyana Vidya Vishwalayam.¬†Within one year, the whole “Pyramid Valley” has come alive and is now bubbling with tremendous activity. The contribution of all the Pyramid Masters throughout India, and the sustained efforts of the Dedicated Members of The trust, is turning the Pyramid Dream into a Reality.

We are sure the “Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid” will be completed by Buddha Poornima, May 2005…and will be inaugurated with all festivities on the appointed date. It is the will of the Astral Masters.

So be it.