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“Channeled Message from The Path of Dzar to Patriji in Melbourne on 10th September 2012”

While Patriji was in Melbourne, Australia, on 10th September 2012, he personally interacted with Mary and Gary O’Brien .. authors of “Messages from Your Soul”, “Reuniting Human and Spirit” : The Hero’s Journey. Gary O’Brien has been the vehicle for the messages channeled from Spirit called “The Path of Dzar”. Patriji had an interesting question and answer duel with The Path of Dzar Energy on various topics viz., vegetarianism, pyramid energies and Planet Earth in the coming 100 years etc. Following are a few details of the question and answer session.

Patriji : “We are so much pained to see the inhuman animal killing for the sake of food, all around the globe. Would you throw some light on that?”

The Path of Dzar : “It is an EXPRESSION OF SEPARATION.. young one. There are so many beings who do not feel and know their LIGHT”.

“There are so many that are so separated from that EXPRESSION, that is why they killand harm.. and that is precisely why you do not. It is the understanding that you are one.”

“YOU ARE THAT EXPRESSION IN THE PHYSICAL FORM. It is what so many more need to understand, and also need to accept of themselves.”

“The killing.. the separation.. it is their pain that they feel, for, they cannot accept their LIGHT, they cannot accept their EXPRESSION of self, they feel alone.”

“THE EARTH IS ALSO BEING KILLED.. YOUNG ONE..  FROM SO MANY SEPARATED BEINGS. It is the reflection of humanity, their current expression.”

That is why we have come .. and also it is why you have come. It is that EXPRESSION and acceptance of the LIGHT that must be created.

“It is the re-uniting that must occur. For, your Earth is living, as you understand. You must respect all that occurs within its space, it must also be understood, must be known to be the same EXPRESSION as you.”

“THERE IS NO Separation”

“When that understanding is accepted that the LIGHT that exists within you exists within everything .. within every rock, within every animal, within every breath, then you tend to focus on the breath·· you understand what the breath contains, what it brings in, that is the way to enlightenment .. to breathing the compassion of creation.”

“The killing ..young one .. there is so much that we see ..  we know that EVENTUALLY ALL WILL BECOME COMPASSIONATE, but that must happen faster. For, the Earth needs to know, needs to understand to experience a humanity shifting, changing, accepting so that, all can live harmoniously.”



Patriji : “We would like to know something more about the pyramid energies.”

The Path of Dzar : “SO, YOU say it with curiosity ..yet YOU say it with such knowing
young one. So, the  ‘pyramid energy’ , .. let us ask YOU this: ‘Why do you feel YOU have been made aware of this expression? How do YOU know this energy?'”

Patriji : “Yeah, we have come to know about pyramid energy from all other people who have experimented with the energies and found them wonderful. And, we ourselves have gone through these .. and we found these energies wonderful too.”

The Path of Dzar : “But YOU ·· young onewhy do YOU think that YOU have understood?  What is that within YOU that allows this life to be brought forward from this expression?”

Patriji : “I don’t know as much about myself as you do about me”.

The Path of Dzar : “Young one .. You are humorous as well. But, unable to pull the wall over our eyes, not that we have ‘eyes’ or ‘wall’ .. but hope you understand.  So, understand what the pyramid is .. ‘it is the expression of you’ .. young one.

“What you have created is the manifestation of your true expression of self ,of the energy.”

“The pyramid is a space in which reflection of the purity of energy occurs. It was its first purpose, it has always been. What you are ..  young one .. is the reflection of that energy, of that purity.”

“You are still in this space of becoming but then, there is joy in that knowing. So many others wish that it would finish .. not you.”

“You enjoy the space, the journey”.

“You are the pyramid. Your energy fills and completely surrounds the pyramid energy.”


“The pyramid is a construction, but you are the pyramid ·· young one. Without that knowing that ‘you are the pyramid’ .. it would just be a rock. But, what YOU do .. what YOU understand ·· is that your vibration is filled within each atom that is part of the structure.”

“YOUR ESSENCE .. YOUR KNOWING .. IS  VIBRATING WITHIN EVERY ATOM THAT IS PART OF IT. REGARDLESS OF WHO CREATED IT ·· because, it is your knowing ·· young one .. and it is part of this  journey to accept and to know.”

“All those who enter the pyramids, feel that LIGHT within the pyramid. They do not understand, how, but they feel the LIGHT.”

“Purpose fulfilled, YOU may rejoice ·· young one ..but do not be too proud to say ‘I am the pyramid’ for, YOU are, In whatever form .. it is the same.”

Patriji : “Swamiji, did we meet earlier?”
The Path of Dzar : “Young one .. your essence has been on the path for some time .. the purity and the expression of YOU has always been in its form of creation. And, through the many lives that YOU have led, there has never been much separation, but that is the part of the journey.”

“THE ENERGY OF YOU IS PART OF THE VERY FIRST EXPRESSION THAT CAME FORWARD.. your soul was touched by the first that came forward to deliver the message.”

“YOUR SOUL delivered YOU in all the forms that YOU have been on to this planet with that purity of knowing. You have never been able to move away from it because it has been so strong.”

“So, the answer to your question ‘have we ever met?’ is .. ‘we have never left’ .. young one .. we have never been separated even in the deepest times of your own questioning. You never strayed afar.”

Patriji : “Tell us something about the land of Australia!”

The Path of Dzar : “All lands ·· young one .. have a preciousness that YOU understand. There is within the entirety of this Earth a speciality too, because of the forms of expressions of LIGHT who live upon it.”

“‘Australia’ is a reflection, as is every other piece of land that you understand as ‘countries’. You place borders around them thinking that they are separated ·· that ‘this group lives here’ and then as you cross this line there is ‘another group’ which ‘lives there’ .. separation.

“All is special ..  young one ..  all the beauty that you see around you is reflection. This country, as it is called, is as special as you. No difference, no separation, all are the same. It is time now to accept this.”

Patriji : “What would be the Earth like, say after a hundred years?”

The Path of Dzar : ” We will give you the clearest answer that we can. It depends upon you and the others, for, if the world continues upon this current expression of self, then there will not be many left.”

“But, if the world awakens and begins to accept that, then the world will expand with that acceptance. Part of all of your journeys is to begin to awaken. There are those masters who have been allowed to see, to create the awakened state within this planet so that all of you may then accept yourselves as the Earth’s expression, so that you do not see any difference between you and the soil or the stars and the water ·· for there is none.”

“So .. to the question ·· ‘what will our world be in, say, a hundred years’ .. it depends, that is why we said YOU HAVE MUCH WORK TO DO .. and not much time.”

“But, let us ask you, as you turn that LIGHT for others to feel, as you allow that possibility of yourself to be expressed within the hearts of the others ..  what do you see?”

Patriji : “I see great unity and oneness all over the world within the next fifty years.”

The Path of Dzar : “From the unity that .. young one ..  if you imagine that to be expressed throughout the entirety of the globe, what then is your vision for one hundred years?”

Patriji : “Double the vision of what we see for fifty years. Yeah, it depends upon us, we have to work very hard .. that we see very clearly.”

The Path of Dzar : “It is that vision that must be shared ..  young one. It is that wisdom, that LIGHT, which you have always been ..  that must be heard. For, there is so much pain from beings that have become separated, from beings that have become their experiences .. who then look at the mirror and see their face and turn away.”

“However, we are all seeing so many others who are feeling something more ..  who, then, look at the mirror and say : ‘That is not me .. that reflection I know is not me, there is so much more.'”

“It is through such questioning that their LIGHT begins to flicker ·· ‘Who do I know myself to be ?'”

“The universal question .. the one that will never be answered ..  yet, the one that will set you free. For, you are always allowing yourself the space of compassion, of awareness and acceptance. Also, THERE IS A GREAT PURPOSE BEHIND WHAT YOU SHARE ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE .. and also of what you know.”

Patriji : “We thank you very much for your visit and your wisdom .. it is a great kindness and we were expecting it.”

The Path of Dzar : “We welcome you .. young one.”