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“Spirituality” is as far away from “Rituality”
as “NORTH POLE” is away from “SOUTH POLE”.
Spirituality is the “NORTH POLE”
Rituality is the “SOUTH POLE”.

Travel from Rituality of “South Pole” to the Spirituality of “NORTH POLE” ..
is the process of Spiritual Growth and Spiritual Advancement
Rituality focusses on bodily actions and bodily movements
Spirituality concentrates on understanding of Universal Principles / connections

Pyramid Masters are citizens of “NORTH POLE”
All SAINTS or all Spiritual Gurus .. are all citizens of the “NORTH POLE”
Pyramid Masters belong to the class of New Age Spiritual Masters
Pyramid Masters are assisting all the people ..
who are somewhere in between the “SOUTH POLE” and the “NORTH POLE” ..
and who are waiting impatiently to travel and reach to the “NORTH POLE”

“Vegetarianism” is the one absolutely fundamental requirement ..
for basic Spiritual Growth and basic spiritual advancement

Next comes the Intense Practice of “Meditation”
and dedicated Study of the spiritual works and life-histories

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement offers the purest form of Spirituality
to all eager and earnest students and seekers
Welcome .. to .. one and all .. to the world of purest spirituality
Welcome .. to .. one and all .. to the world of PSSM