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“Death” is the only subject on which we need to deeply contemplate, about which every person needs urgently to know.
* * *
The TEACHINGS of all past spiritual masters were along the following lines “You cannot die”, “Death happens to the physical system but not to you”, “You are the Energy / Wisdom / Consciousness system that is housed in a biological system”. No past spiritual master .. across times and climes .. has ever taught humanity anything else.
* * *
One of the mahavakyas of the Upanishads is “Tatvamasi Swethakethu”. It means “Thou art That”.
* * *
“We are not the biological system that we see in the mirror .. we are the Energy- Wisdom- Consciousness system.”
* * *
Buddha, on becoming enlightened, had plenty of third-eye and astral travel experiences, and he had several visions of several of his past lives .. the number of times he was born into the human biological system etc., etc. Having seen his several entries and departures into the human biological systems, through his own activated third-eye, “Gautama the Siddhartha” became “Gautama the Buddha”. He simply realized that there was no “death”. Only transformation exists. Only perennial recombination exists.
* * *
To be afraid of ‘death’ is such a laughable proposition. Spiritually ignorant people alone are afraid of  ‘death’ .. for they do not know what  ‘death’  is. On knowing the real truth about the phenomenon of ‘death’ they will not mourn but, celebrate ‘death’. No death need ever be mourned.
* * *
“Death” is only a particular experience of a particular Soul-Entity in a particular biological system. The Energy-Wisdom-Consciousness entity that got itself integrated with a biological system gets separated and goes on its own further grand journey into various other frequency universes. That’s what ‘death’ is.
We are all eternal verities and death-less Soul-Entities. Occasionally, coming from astral/causal worlds, we take a dip into a chosen biological system either for learning certain spiritual lessons, or just to enjoy raw physicality, or even for the company of other Soul-Entities that are present in the same biological system, in the same time-frame.

“Birth” is an entry into, and “death” is an exit from .. a particular biological system. “Birth” is a “dip-in” and “death” a “come-out”.

The great master William Shakespeare said :

“All the world is a stage, we are all mere actors .. we strut and fume, do our part, and depart.”

Thus, we are here, in the physical plane, in the human biological bodies, to enact our self- chosen specific roles and, afterwards, we do, sooner than later, depart.
‘Death’ is only a departure of the Soul-Entity, and not the annihilation of the Self. Spirituality is imperative in understanding this most important fact that the “Self is never annihilated, even as the physical body perishes.”

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sage Veda Vyasa puts these words into the mouth of Krishna :

“Na jayate mriyate va kadacin
nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah
ajo nityah shasvato yam purano
na hanyate hanyamane sharire”

“This entity, this self, is unborn. It cannot die. It is a witness to all times. It has been coming from time immemorial. When the body is dying, it cannot die.”

This refrain of Krishna to Arjuna is experienced by every master through the technology of meditation.
* * *
In fact, every night, we do vacate our biological system and travel with our astral / causal systems. Invariably, every Soul-Entity .. whether in a plant body, an animal body or a human body·· needs to get out of physicality to get back vital energies and rest. This vitally important energy refuelling and rest is technically called as “SLEEP”.
* * *
As long as a particular Soul-Entity is in a particular biological body, it is under tremendous pressure due to dynamism and continuous, non- stop activity·· thus, the biological system needs to replenish itself periodically.

SLEEP is a state of Soul-Entity where there is lesser body-mind activity and greater body- mind restfulness. SLEEP is a nature’s gift for every embodied Soul-Entity. During SLEEP, there is a strong energy connection between the separated biological system and Soul-Entity .. which is called as “SILVER CORD”. At the time of physical death, the “SILVER CORD” snaps and the Soul- Entity gets back to it’s Home Worlds.

SLEEP, is not at all a state of Soul-Entity unconsciousness. Nor, the physical body can be in that state. In sleep, the physical body remains inwardly active though it appears outwardly immobile. The cellular activity within is on a slightly lower key during SLEEP.

If we observe keenly and train to be a witness to our dream state, we can become aware of our own real nature .. that of being Energy-Wisdom- Consciousness doing active work in Soul Worlds.

By becoming aware during dream-time, one can attain to Enlightenment easily.. one can then know that one is beyond the limitations of physical body.
* * *
Through meditation or by being aware in dream state .. one immediately becomes a Knower. Knowing clearly, that one is an energy system .. a consciousness-awareness system.
* * *
Every SOUL is quite apart, separate and independent of the physical system. When this knowledge sinks deeper and deeper, then the person is called “ENLIGHTENED”. When one conducts one’s routine day-to- day mundane activity with this knowing, then, one lives without any fear of death .. either one’s own or of those around them. One’s understanding becomes perfect, that there is no ‘death’.
* * *
We come into this world not for physical immortality nor to invite voluntary before-time death. We are here by perfect choice to learn, understand and acquire spiritual knowledge which helps us to develop so many right qualities in ourselves.
* * *
We, the Soul-Entities, take voluntary dips into physicality .. several times. The Earth provides us such a wonderful school to so many Soul- Entities, from so many Soul-Worlds.

Entities from infinite astral/causal worlds are all eager to seek an entry into our world to gain rich experiences that are readily available here. Only the most deserving do gain such an entry. Thus, it is incumbent upon us, after having gained entry, to fulfil our obligations toward ourselves, to become Soul-fulfilled and only then wait for death, not yearn to leave earlier.

If we go on an errand to a particular place, say a town or city, we enter at a particular point, stay or reside in a hotel until our task is over. We depart as soon as our job is done satisfactorily. Alternatively, we may need to go back again for some unfinished task. This may happen a number of times until we are thoroughly satisfied with the ” love-affair “.

Our entry into physical worlds and physicality is absolutely similar. Unaware, and being ignorant, we expend our vital Soul-energies in so many wasteful pursuits for the very doubtful and impossible satisfaction of others. Thus, our prime purpose remains unfulfilled.
* * *
Lack of understanding of spirituality dilutes our Soul-purpose. Our sad Life Reviews in the astral worlds, after every death, prompt us to seek re-entries into the physical plane .. and we do plead with the masters .. the Reincarnation Experts there·· for such chances again and again.

The whole process of reincarnation is so cumbersome, and such a complex affair, in that proper parents and circumstances have to be awaited and there is a lot of research that goes into the process of reentry.
* * *
The understanding that we are more than just a biological system comes through a lot of practice of meditation .. which is an out-of-body experience (OBE) just as sleep and death are. The main difference being that sleep and meditation are temporary OBES while, death is a permanent OBE. In death, the connection between the astral and physical body gets severed or snapped permanently. With death, the silver-cord gets snapped and the physical bowl is broken .. the entity travels into Soul-Worlds.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna says :
“Jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur
dhruvam janma mrtasya cha
tasmad apariharye rthe
na tvam socitum arhasi”

“One who has taken his birth is sure to die, and after death one is sure to take birth again. Therefore, in the unavoidable discharge of your duty, you should not lament.”

Understanding and contemplating upon ‘death’ strengthens our physical body, for, then, there remains no mortal worry or morbid fear that eats into our vital systems. We will, then, be able to vacate our body at will, and this is what so many great masters have attained·· and they are known as “Chiranjeevees”.
* * *
On total completion of all learning experiences on Earth, a Soul-Entity becomes a perfect Master and embarks on its journey into the “Supra-Causal Worlds” that are higher frequency Universes. They are known as “Sathya Lokas” or as Jesus remarked “My Father’s Heaven”.

The Soul-Entity now becomes an Overself. Just as a mature adult reproduces, the Overself creates its underlings or “Under-Selves”. These are without any gender denominations. In the astral worlds one is at total choice.

The “Under-Selves” are created by the perfected master as an “Act of Intent”. These are then placed in a region known as Causal Worlds. These baby Causal Soul-Entities begin their own respective journeys into incarnation. From the Causal World, from the Raw-Consciousness-Self, a tentacle comes into the Earth and enters into a physical body. This is the first-life-time of a New Soul-Entity.

When the tentacle gathers a certain amount of physical experience and when the physical body disintegrates for natural reasons, for the first time an “astral entity” .. an “astral body” .. is formed .. which stores the experiences of this first incarnation. The “astral body” has certain experiences in the astral worlds which are of a slightly higher frequency. After sometime, the “empty shell” of the “astral egg” is left in the astral worlds and the Soul-Entity-Essence is drawn back into the causal body or the empty causal shell resting in the causal worlds.

There, the Causal Soul-Entity ruminates upon the physical experiences and consequences thereof in the astral worlds. It plans one more dip into the physical body. This process goes on and on.
* * *
The three bodies of a Soul-Entity-Essence in the astral, causal and physical worlds continue to gain experiences. With every incarnation the Causal Soul-Entity in the Causal World gets a little more strengthened, more colorful and richer in human experience. All types of human experiences add up as the most needed lessons for the New Baby Soul.
* * *
After a fair number of incarnations a very senior tentacle begins the search for self knowledge. The quest “Who am I ?” begins in the final incarnations for such an experienced Causal Soul-Entity.
* * *
The Baby Causal Entity, when it takes its first dip into physicality, it is known as “Infant Soul” ; after a few incarnations it becomes a “Baby Soul” ; then, with a few more it is known as “Young Soul”. Further, it becomes a “Mature Soul” and, then, an “Old Soul”.
* * *
When an “Old Soul” seeks transcendence .. to know the final truth, it seeks to become a master, the process of ‘sadhana’ starts .. meditation begins and through the awakened third-eye, knowledge of previous incarnations pours in.

With these happenings, the “Old Soul” becomes a “Transcendental Soul” and transcends the voluntary chain of births and deaths and the original Baby Causal Entity is promoted to the Supra Causal Worlds.

For a brief while, the “Transcendental Soul” stays in the lower reaches of the Supra-Causal Worlds. Every “Transcendental Soul” has to go back / come back again to the physical plane .. or the astral plane .. or the causal plane to help all other Souls, to be an example of Spiritual Mastery.
* * *
When an Old Soul transcends, it is called an “Arihant”. When it goes back / comes back as a helper of mankind as Spiritual teacher, it is called as the “Bodhisatva”.

After completing a number of teaching assignments, finally as a Perfect Master the last life is lived. It then goes on to become an OVERSELF .. this stage is called as “Buddha- hood”. When as a Perfected Master the final life is lived as a Buddha the Soul becomes an “Infinite Soul”.
* * *
All Over-Selves are Infinite Souls. They have encompassed within themselves Infinity. They have become “Paramatmas”. They have become “Fathers who are in Heaven”.

When a Soul is Infant, no spiritual knowledge is really necessary. Neither can it understand, nor is it incumbent. An Infant Soul just exists and just works for its livelihood.

A Baby Soul acquires a rudimentary personality and tries to consolidate its personality in various patterns.

A Young Soul is a leader of so many parochial movements, so many castes and many a religious moulds. The Young Souls are the leaders of particular sects that the world is witnessing.

A Mature Soul does not bother about sects or differences amongst people. A Mature Soul is bent upon developing itself in terms of arts, sports, crafts and sciences.
* * *
An Old Soul begins the spiritual quest .. and when it is ended, it becomes a Transcendental Soul, it then indulges in teaching over long periods, and becomes an Infinite Soul. A Jesus, Krishna, Mahavir, Buddha … all have become Infinite Souls.

This journey of the Soul from being an “Infant Soul” to that of an “Infinite Soul” .. can take any number of incarnations. It could run into hundreds and hundreds depending upon the Soul’s free-will inclinations and levels of understanding.
* * *
Apart from these Souls, that are produced from a particular Overself, there are any number of Infant Souls which have graduated from an “Animal Group-Soul”. A great many Raw Soul-Entities get individualized from the Animal Group Souls. So, while Soul-Entities are being created from above, a vast many are being created from below as well.
* * *
There are “three deaths” :

The First Death is of the physical body.. that is when you put away your physical garment and take on an astral garment. After living your life in the astral worlds, you set away your astral garment too.

When the physical garment is set away the left out physical body is called “CORPSE”. When the astral garment is set away, the astral egg is known as the “SCOOP”. This is the Second Death.

After getting to the causal worlds, the Third and the Final Death occurs when the causal body is also given up and then the Soul-Entity-Essence is promoted to the Supra Causal Worlds. This happens only when one is enlightened.
* * *
“ENLIGHTENMENT” means that the ‘I’ gets vanquished. The ‘I’ ceases to be when ignorant mind ceases to be. As long as we hold on to our ‘I’ ness and ‘My’ ness, we can only be a causal denizen and can never rise to Supra Causal Worlds.

One has to dissolve one’s self importance totally, there must also be no self pity. When these are reduced to zero, we promote ourselves to the Supra Causal Worlds. This, then, is the Full Story of a Soul-Entity.
* * *
Great many Masters have written about their personnel Soul experiences.
Following are few must read books : “A Soul’s Journey” by Peter Rechelieu. “Devachanic Plane, Astral Plane, Causal Plane” by Leadbeater and “Nature of Psyche” by Jane Roberts. And also books by Annie Besant, like “Reincarnation and Karma”.
* * *
Along with reading one needs to do a lot of meditation. We must make efforts to remain awake in our dream-states .. this is known as “LUCID DREAMING”. Then the lot of a Perfect Master will be ours too.
* * *
“Goal Setting” is very important in our Spiritual Journey as well. One must proceed methodically with meditation, reading right spiritual books and being in the company of the spiritually inclined as well as Spiritual Masters. We, then, begin the journey of becoming a Perfect Master. Our entry-path into the Supra Causal Worlds becomes cleared.
* * *
The knowledge of the “three deaths” is needed for every person on Earth to lead a joyous life. Great Yogis are Spiritual Scientists .. one must base one’s life on the expertise made available by them.