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“One person’s hard-won enlightenment is everybody else’s easily attainable Enlightenment”

About THIRTY YEARS back, one person became enlightened, and the PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT began in earnest.

When one person becomes enlightened, a whole new MOVEMENT always starts :

When MAHAVEER became enlightened, a great MOVEMENT started.

When BUDDHA got enlightened, a great MOVEMENT started.

When ADISHANKARACHARYA got enlightened, a great MOVEMENT started.

When JESUS CHRIST got enlightened, a great MOVEMENT started.

When MOHAMMAD got enlightened, a great MOVEMENT started.

The PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT also started because one person got enlightened .. and that one person is writing this article.

*  *  *

PSSM is a very significant part of the current world-wide NEW AGE spiritual renaissance. The PSSM is now spreading, very fast, all over the world.

*  *  *

Usually, whenever a person becomes enlightened, a WHOLE NEW MOVEMENT begins all around himself / herself. Like, when you throw a stone into a pond, then the ripples will start and the ripples will spread all over the pond.

Before ENLIGHTENMENT, there is always an intense SEARCH FOR TRUTH.

When the SEARCH FOR TRUTH culminates in personal EXPERIENCE OF TRUTH, then that is called “ENLIGHTENMENT”.

Without a priori SEARCH FOR TRUTH, there is no ENLIGHTENMENT.

*  *  *

Whenever we become dissatisfied with the transitory worldly things, the worldly situations, the worldly acquisitions, the worldly experiences, the worldly name and fame, the worldly achievements and the worldly successes .. when these things are not giving the inner satisfaction we seek .. then a real search for truth begins in earnest.

Then we truly understand that the satisfaction we seek is somewhere else and something else.

Then we go through the histories of all the past enlightened masters. It is a fact of history that atleast some people became enlightened and great movements started in their aftermath.

When we further study the lives of great enlightened masters, we find that they invariably went into solitude and into meditation i.e., into their inner space. And they did gather the experience of truth.

When you want to gather something inside, you will have to check out and verify whatever the earlier great masters, saints, mystics, the enlightened ones have revealed, in specific terms, in their times.

Having checked out, we ruminate:

“All the struggles those masters went through, are they relevant in my case too ?”

We wonder whether we are also not in a similar predicament.

And, we wonder, whether the time has come for us also to go into similar solitude, into similar meditation and into similar inner space.

When that kind of a dynamic search for truth begins, then a new life gets started which is called “SPIRITUALITY”.

*  *  *

In any individual’s personal life, when a search for truth begins .. and the introversion begins .. he / she would like to sit alone and take stock of things in the mind and empty the world inside the mind.

There is always a “BIG WORLD” in the mind .. the mind indeed is a very very “BIG WORLD”.

Emptying the “BIG WORLD”.. in the mind .. is called “MEDITATION”.

*  *  *

TRUTH is that which transcends all limitations .. of time and space. When something is constant always .. in all places, at all times, in all situations .. that particular thing is TRUTH.

Therefore, SEARCH FOR TRUTH is readily available in all situations, at all times, wherever you are. That which is an universal experience, that which is universally valid .. is TRUTH.

*   *  *

When one person becomes enlightened, everything around that person has to change. Every event around that person has to flow into new directions.

Every other person, who interacts with an enlightened being, becomes somehow modified. The effect has to happen, the ripple effect. Then, another significant thing happens : whoever touches a particular enlightened person, experiences two clear-cut doors opening in front of him :

1)  To become like the enlightened person

2) To stay back .. for the time being .. and watch the enlightened person, a little more closely.

If the choice is number one, it facilitates the ready and easy enlightenment of that person, in a simple and smooth way.

One person’s hard-won enlightenment is everybody else’s easily attainable enlightenment.

*  *  *

Thirty years ago .. towards the end of the year 1979 .. I became enlightened. Suddenly, everything became clear to my mind.

I felt thus :

“Now, I know the purpose for which I have come to the earth plane. Now, I know .. what I am going to speak for the rest of my life .. and what I am going to do for the rest of my life.”

“The rest of my life is meant to spread enlightenment among people ..

through the teaching of the science of meditation .. for the common welfare of the whole world.”

Everything became crystal clear almost instantly. And my action plan became clear :

“I have to do my minimum duty in the world. I have to stay in the family life. But, the major purpose in my life would be explaining enlightenment, spreading enlightenment, and exposing enlightenment to each and every person whomsoever I meet .. in my day-to-day routine.”

What happens when you become enlightened ?

You come out of misery. You come out of indolence. You come out of frustration. You come out of the fear of failure.

And, you acquire a rustic spiritual common sense .. and at the same time a crystal clear scientific common sense.

Now, you are acutely aware of every word of yours .. every intent of yours and every deed of yours. And, you make all of them .. well channelized, and well focused.

Now, you know everything that is going on around you. You understand each and every micro-issue that is happening around you.

*  *  *

There is a saying in Zen :

“Mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. And then, mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers. And again, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.”

That is a classic Zen statement.

During the course of enlightenment, mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers .. i.e., the world is not exactly as what you see.

However, when enlightenment is complete .. and you have experienced the whole truth in its wholeness .. you come back to square one, where you live in the world happily. Then, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers .. persons are persons .. events are events .. things are things. All people and all events return back to their earlier significances.

You will live with the same persons, experience the same events .. but in a totally happy mood, a joyful mood, and in an enlightened mood.

When you become enlightened .. for the first time in life .. you acquire a state of HAPPINESS-BLISS, which is not exactly happiness, which also is not bliss exactly. It is happiness/non-happiness ,bliss/non-bliss kind of state.

It is always in the “NEUTRAL STATE” .. neither moving forward, nor moving backward. In this state .. when you speak out, when you think out, when you act out .. what is exposed, what is exhibited is your IMPECCABLE NEUTRALITY, which is neither for nor against anything or any person.

*  *  *

When you become enlightened, what happens is a glorious revelation of a BODY OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. For the first time, you begin to see the various contours and beauties of the BODY OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

*  *  *

When you become enlightened, you immediately become fired to teach people the ramifications of this new BODY OF SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.

*  *  *

Now you are on a MISSION.

The MISSION is to teach spiritual science to each and every person in your range.

*  *  *

When you are getting educated in the material science .. you study physics .. you study the light, the sound, the Newtonian Laws of Motion etc., etc. You understand the CAUSE and EFFECT in the outer physical world.

Now, similarly, after you become enlightened, you understand the KARMIC CAUSES governing all the life-events and life-situations of the mankind.

The karmic principles of cause and effect follow exactly mathematical rules. Nothing is cursory or accidental.

Now, after we become enlightened, we know that everything is non-accidental. Now, we know that everything is carefully planned and executed with precession, but it is not automatically evident to the outer senses .. that is all.

When you go a little inside into yourself, you understand the whole panorama of the science .. the spiritual science.

*  *  *

The purpose of PYRAMID SPIRITUAL SOCIETIES MOVEMENT is to spread the spiritual science everywhere, to teach spiritual science to each and everyone.

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE is neither Jainism, nor Buddhism, nor Hinduism, nor Christianity, nor Islam. However, it gathers in its ambit, the essence of all these religions.

*  *   *

When the FOUNDERS of the great religions spoke in their times, they revealed the pure and the pristine spiritual science. However, in due course of time, their teachings got diluted in the public minds .. and those became different religions.

Now that dilution process has to take a “‘U’-TURN” and everybody has to come back to the pure and the pristine spiritual science which was revealed originally by all those FOUNDERS of great religions.

PSSM masters, as all the masters of the New Age anywhere else, facilitate people in taking that great “‘U’-TURN”.

When you become enlightened, you stop eating animals. You understand how terrible a crime it is .. killing animals and eating their flesh. And you wonder how many such crimes you might have committed.. in your past lives too.

The first thing that you do when you become enlightened is that you become a vegetarian. That is the immediate off-shoot of enlightenment.

Before enlightenment, you don’t know why you should not eat animal flesh and so there are arguments and arguments. But, when you sit in meditation and become enlightened, you understand the whole subject of compassion.

As long as you are an INFERIOR PERSON .. not given to a search for truth and only given to sensual pleasures .. you cannot understand what compassion is, what helpfulness is, what non-interference is.

The PSSM invites all to come into the portals of spiritual science and study the books of spiritual scientists of the world.

There are any number of spiritual scientists in the world. You just go into the market and search on the internet, and you get all the material.

*  *  *

The OLD AGE is represented by religions and the NEW AGE is represented by spiritual scientists.

We are all, presently, rushing into a great NEW AGE of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. The OLD AGE of RELIGIONS is fast receding and the NEW AGE is visibly on.

The cardinal principles of NEW AGE SPIRITUAL SCIENCE are to practice meditation and to adopt vegetarianism.