( Excerpts from “ The Science of Spirituality ” by Lee Bladon )

“ We are spiritual beings having a human experience. ”

“ We are more than just our physical bodies. It means that we are Pure Consciousness temporarily inhabiting a human body in order to develop Our Consciousness. ”

“ In order to operate in a multi-dimensional Universe we require a multi-dimensional body – or more accurately – a series of bodies – which enable us to operate in all the realms. ”

“ These bodies are all inter-linked and inter-penetrate each other because each one is more subtle than the Previous. ”

“ The PHYSICAL BODY allows us to move around and interact with things in this Physical World. It is like virtual reality suit that converts everything we touch, see, hear, taste or smell into electric impulses that can be Perceived by our other bodies and our SELF-MONAD. ”

“ The Etheric Body or ENERGY BODY largely determines our Physical health and well-being. Just as blood circulates through our Physical body, subtle energy – ‘ Chi ’ – ‘ Prana ’ circulates through the etheric body. The ETHERIC BODY is the template around which the Physical body grows.

“ The EMOTIONAL BODY is the home of our emotions and desires, and its ‘ AURA ’ allows us to subjectively sense our environment. ”

“ The MENTAL BODY is the home of the intellectual, rational and creative mind. Thoughts are ‘ objects ’ which our mental bodies create and transmit into the environment, to receive and interpret from others. The PHYSICAL BRAIN is not the source of our intellect, it is merely the organ that allows the intellect to operate through the physical body. In fact, BRAIN is more like a relay station which links the mental body to the physical world. ”

“ The CAUSAL BODY is what differentiates humans from animals – we have them and animals don’t. ”

“ The CAUSAL BODY Performs four main functions in human beings :
It is the true home of the HUMAN SELF – where the MONAD sleeps between incarnations.
It is our personal storehouse of experiences and memories from all our incarnations.
It is the source of INTELLECT .. Our abstract, conceptual and INTUITIVE THOUGHTS.
It constructs a link between our PERSONALITY ( lower self ) and SOUL ( higher self ).

“ The CASUAL BODY is commonly called the ‘ SOUL ’, but it is not commonly known that it divides in two at the start of each new life and only a small piece actually incarnates.

“ A Piece of Causal Body detaches itself from the main causal body and incarnates into a PERSONALITY and a PHYSICAL BODY in order to experience life as a HUMAN BEING. The lesser CAUSAL BODY collects life-experiences and – after death – returns to the greater Causal body to add to its haul to the STOREHOUSE. ”

( Excerpted by Subhash Patri )