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“scientific temper”

The magnificent material development that we see all around us .. is the result of unrelenting, ‘scientific temper’ of all the scientists and all the technologists.

Now a days, we see so many amenities, comforts, luxuries: we have the television .. we have the internet .. we have the jet plane .. we have the laser beam etc., etc. So many great scientists and so many great engineers /technologists and so many great technocrats have helped humanity to reach its present stage of classic material development.

It is’ scientific temper that has allowed man to split open the atom. It is ‘scientific temper’ that has allowed humanity to fly in the air and to go beyond Earth’s gravity and set foot on the moon.

“compassion temper”

However, in spite of all this, most of the humanity is yet to become sane, decent and civil. Man has become more of a machine and less of spirit. This is primarily because most of the humanity is, unfortunately, yet lacking in proper, ‘compassion temper’.

And, we see so many atrocities·· one human being killing another human being .. and one human being killing another animal being, What a lack of ‘compassion temper’ !

Most of the mankind is yet to learn many things when it comes to right eating, right way of living, right desires and so on ! Man needs to learn compassion on a giant scale .. to become truly sane, truly decent and truly civil.

In terms of real happiness, the human kingdom lags so much behind the animal kingdom. You cannot find an animal unhappy. And, it is so rare to find a human being who is happy. What a shame for the human kingdom!

Eating animal flesh is absolutely horrible. Human beings are not at all supposed to eat animal flesh. And, ninety percent of Earth’s humanity is eating animal brothers and sisters! The’ compassion temper’ of human beings needs to be urgently up-graded.

All animal/bird/fish creatures are so beautiful, and so wonderful! But, they are suffering under incessant brutality of human kingdom. The cruelty and brutality of the human kingdom towards the animal kingdom is such a very, very sad feature.

“spiritual temper”

To possess ‘compassion temper’, mankind has to inevitably cultivate ‘spiritual temper’. Man has to become less of a machine and more of spirit. Man has to become less materialistic and become more spiritualistic.

Because of lack of ‘spiritual temper’, human being has totally lost happiness. Misery has stepped in. Cruelty towards animal kingdom is the natural result of lack of ‘compassion temper’. And, lack of ‘compassion temper’ is the natural result of lack of ‘spiritual temper ‘.

If we don’t become internally more spiritually aware and externally more socially responsible, it means we have no ‘spiritual temper’ whatsoever !

If we don’t understand through personal experience the Soul Part of ourselves and if we live with blind beliefs about some far-off anthropomorphic God, it means we have no, spiritual temper’ whatsoever!

“spirituo-scientific temper”

The time has come, now, to apply the familiar, scientific temper’ to basic questions like “What are we ? Where from are we ? Where to are we ? Why are we ?” .. to produce real health, real peace, and real happiness in human life.

Now, the time has come full circle, to use the same ‘scientific temper’ which has been used by humanity to explore the outer material world, to be used to explore the inner spiritual world too. This can be termed as ‘spirituo-scientific temper ‘.

‘Scientific temper’ demands logical and analytical investigation of material things. One who doesn’t investigate material things logically and analytically doesn’t have ‘scientific temper’.

And, one who doesn’t investigate logically and analytically one’s own self and one’s own life, cannot be said to possess the necessary, ‘spirituo-scientific temper’. And, we begin to cultivate spirituo-scientific temper only through the regular practice of meditation, wherein our body oriented mind is thoroughly transcended.

Buddha investigated himself; Jesus Christ investigated himself. When these great masters investigated their own selves, they experienced huge personal truths .. and they voiced eloquently their experiences to the whole of humanity.

“spiritual scientists”

Studying scientifically, the spiritual experiences of sincere and serious and dedicated meditators is the main theme of spiritual scientists.

Trained spiritual scientists apply their ‘spirituo-scientific temper ‘to all matters pertaining to human soul, human suffering, human meaning and human potential.

The purpose of possessing , spirituo-scientific temper ‘is to see the Whole Naked Truth in the as is where is condition.

“spiritual science”

The age of “spiritual scientists”, in particular .. and “spirituo-scientific temper”, in general .. is now dawning up on the Earth. That is why this age is called “New Age”.

The Earth is currently undergoing a mighty “Spiritual Science Revolution” .. on a scale never experienced before on this planet!

Spirituality needs to be studied by all the lay people systematically. Spirituality has to blossom into a full fledged SPIRITUAL SCIENCE.


The new “spirituo-scientific temper” calls for regular, EVERYDAY MEDITATION on the part of every human being.

SOUL-HOOD is a general truth which is experienced on a daily basis by people doing intense meditation.

MEDITATION alone provides great energy through which we heal all our illnesses and diseases·· chronic or otherwise.

Every human being needs to go into DEEP MEDITATION to find out one’s own SOULESSENCE, through personal effort and personal experience.

“paradise on Earth”

The time has come to apply the “spirituo-scientific temper” to produce real beauty in human life, to produce real harmony on the Planet Earth and to establish lasting paradise on this Mother Earth.

Everyone has to become a champion of “spirituo-scientific temper”, which has to be remembered and applied in all the routine and day- to- day human equations.

“Spirituo-scientific temper” has to be inculcated right from child-hood, so that every child grows naturally into a beautiful, harmless, happy, compassionate and socially-responsible human being.

With the application of “spirituo-scientific temper” .. and with the practical adoption of anapanasati meditation·· the whole of humanity will soon become a compassionate, a healthy, a sane, a happy·· and a beautiful humanity!

And, that, of course,