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The Earth is going through a total re-birth process. The Earth is undergoing a quantum frequency jump.

*  *  *

The whole mankind is going through a spiritual mutation. The whole mankind is undergoing a spiritual metamorphosis.

*  *  *

Presently, the Earth is the central focal point of attention … for the whole cosmos. Beings throughout the cosmos … through all the dimensions … are watching the great events, happening currently on the earth, with great enthusiasm.

*  *  *

The metamorphosis began in the year 1987, and, it is going to be completed by the year 2012.

*  *  *

There are innumerable number of New Age Movements, existing throughout the world, which are frantically catalyzing this metamorphosis. The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement of India … is one such movement.

Starting from the base camp of Andhra Pradesh, India, … thousands of pyramid masters are spreading their wings throughout the whole of the world, teaching the one great Science of Anapanasati Meditation.

*  *   *

We urgently need to quieten our minds … empty our minds … through consciously applying ourselves to energy of the breath … and that will change our entire lives.

The Science of Anapanasati Meditation is going to be the sole saviour of the world.