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India .. a Great Land of Great Sages

India .. a Great Land of Great Saints

*        *        *

A Saint is a great person with special spiritual experiences.

A Saint is a simple man / woman with most lovely universal wisdom.

A Sage, in addition to spiritual experiences,

is a person who has a SPECIAL VISION to change the whole world

and a SPECIAL MISSION to achieve the same.

*        *        *

Dada Lekhraj .. a great modern Sage from India

The world took a Huge Quantum Jump into the New Age .. with the arrival

of the vast army of Brahma Kumaris on to the scene of the earth .. in the

final century of the previous millennium .. providing urgent spiritual

regeneration and spiritual re-education to every soul living in darkness

and ignorance on this earth.

*        *        *

Spirituality is the other name for

Fearlessness, Selflessness, Equality and Courage.

*        *        *

PSSM bows to this great Sage and Master .. Shiv Baba.

PSSM salutes all the tremendously courageous Brahma Kumaris.