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PSSM-Emblem has the following features

“ Triangle ”

 Triangle ” represents the Overself.

The aim of the subject of Spiritual Science is, in fact, to bring the wisdom and understanding of the essence of the Overself into the underselves that we are, here, on this Earth-plane.

Overself .. is the ‘ triune-self ’ consisting of the doer, knower and thinker parts. A doer part comes down as ‘ under-self ’. The Overself is also called the ‘ psyche’. In meditation, we always see the Overself as a pulsating triangle ..a 3-D prism.

“Triangle” also represents a face of a pyramid. The powers of a pyramid are manifold and one of the major effects of the pyramid energy is that it facilitates easy astral projection. 

“ half-sun with rays ”

“Sun” represents, again, the Overself. The Underself is one particular ray of the Overself. Every person on the Earth has his/her own Overself in the higher worlds. The Overself is the totality of our own self with all its rays in their particular dimensions.

The goal of every Underself is to regain as much of the wisdom of its own Totality as possible, while still being in the physical body.

“Half-Sun”..because we cannot perceive the whole of the Totality of our Greater Self from any earthly point of view. At best, we can perceive an outline part of it. The rest has to be understood theoretically and intuitionally.

“ meditator with auric-sheath and chakras ” 

The PSSM-EMBLEM depicts a person sitting in meditation.

The principal aim of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement is to promote the wonderful science of Anapanasati Meditation to one and all. The way to enlightenment is only through experiences obtained in meditation.

In meditation, our astral bodies are released from the physical bodies, enabling us to travel freely in the higher worlds. Astral travel is one of the major aims to be achieved. Meditation means activation of the inner senses. The “Third-Eye” symbolizes “the totality of the inner senses”. In meditation, the “third-eye” begins to get activated, and in its final culmination, it results in the perfect ability to see akashic records and to be clairvoyant.

When the third-eye is activated, it sees the great beyond. It sees into alternate-frequency universes. It sees into all the causes beyond all the effects manifested in this plane of becoming. Acquisition of the third-eye is the prime goal of all advanced SOULs.

“Auric Sheath” the sheath enclosing all the individual energies of an entity. “Chakras” ..are the principal nodal points of pranic energy in the etheric body.

Experiences of many persons in small-sized pyramids in modern times goes to suggest that enhancement of one’s E-C-W is indeed the main purpose behind the design of a pyramid. One of the main aims of PSSM is also to promote the concept of “pyramid meditation”. Meditation becomes thrice more powerful when done inside a pyramid. 

“ energy-consciousness–wisdom ”

We are all E-C-W units. In the whole of existence, there is nothing which is not .. Energy, Consciousness and Wisdom. All beings vary only in their E-C-W contents.

The three .. Energy, Consciousness and Wisdom ..are directly related to each other and directly proportional to each other. That is, if we are more energetic, we will be more conscious and consequently we are more open to wisdom. If we have more Wisdom, we will be more conscious and that much more energetic.

The essence of all our experiences ..which we call ‘WISDOM’ .. is a cumulative total from ages bygone. Wisdom is the condensed essence ..a jewel .. of all our past knowledge and past experiences throughout the aoens. The essential purpose of each life-time of an underself is to increase its E-C-W..that is the meaning of evolution .. Spiritual Growth. 

“ Open book ”

“Open book” ..refers to “swadhyaya” .. i.e., studying right spiritual books.

Making people read books of grand masters like LobsangRampa, Richard Bach, Jane Roberts, Carlos Castaneda,Linda Goodman, Edgar Cayce, Swami Rama, Yogananda Paramahansa etc. an absolutely essential feature of PSSM. 

“ Be a light unto yourself ”

We alone are responsible for our physical existence. Only we can be lights unto our own selves. Others may give guidance, but they cannot make or mar us. We have to understand that we keep creating our own realities ..constantly and inevitably .. moment to moment.