( Excerpts from “ Simple Abundance ” )

“ Nothing in the world can take the Place of Persistence.
Talent will not;
Nothing is more commonplace than Unsuccessful men with talent.

Genius will not;
Unrewarded genius is almost a Proverb.

Education will not;
the world is full of educated derelicts.

Persistence and Determination alone are Competent. ”
= Calvin Coolidge =

“ This is the TAO of success – the Way – and like every other truth, it is at once very simple and very difficult. Not the understanding as much as the DOING, because the TAO OF SUCCESS is Patience and Persistence. ”

“ Patience is the art of waiting. Like all high arts, it takes time to master, which shouldn’t be surprising, since PATIENCE is the Knowledge of time .. how to use time to Your advantage, how to be at the right place at the right time, how to pick Your moments, how to bite Your tongue. ”

PATIENCE is discovering the mysterious Pattern of cycles that cradle the Universe and ensure that everything that has happened once will recur. ”

PERSEVERANCE in life is being steadfast; Persistence is being stubborn. PERSISTENCE is grittier than Perseverance. ”

PERSEVARANCE is achievement’s Perspiration; PERISITENCE is its sweat. ”

PERSISTANCE is knocking on Heaven’s doors so often and so loudly on behalf of Your dreams that eventually You will be given what You want, just to shut you up. ”

= Sarah Ban Breathnach =

( Excerpted by Subhash Patri )