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Day-to-day LIFE is totally OUR OWN CREATION

What do we envisage for ourselves

in the immediate next 24 hours ?

There are many, many, many choices ..

we can choose to be lazy, we can choose to be lively ..

we can waste our words, thoughts.


We can learn to conserve our words, and thoughts;

we can choose to be tremendously hard-working ..

we can strive to be crystal-clear,

we can strive towards higher intelligence,

Life is all about our FREE-WILL based CREATION


What are we choosing to do ..

during our next 24 hours ?

“ PLANNING ” always means planning only for the



During the “ next 24 hours ”,

what spiritual books are we going to read ?

For how long are we going to do MEDITATION ?

How long are we going to practice MUSIC ?

How much are we going to do SERVICE to the less fortunate ?

Life is all about OUR OWN CREATION …