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The Purpose of our life … is to enjoy.

However, enjoyment is directly proportional to enlightenment.

There is… enjoyment of the body, by the body, for the body.

There is… enjoyment of the mind, by the mind, for the mind.

There is… enjoyment of the soul, by the soul, for the soul.

And, fourthly, … there is enjoyment of the intellect, by the intellect, for the intellect.

Man is basically …


So, there have to be all the three enjoyments … enjoyment of the body, enjoyment of the mind and enjoyment of the soul.

When soul’s enjoyment is missing from a person’s life, what he lacks… is called as intellect.

When a person has enjoyment… apart from the body, apart from the mind… of the soul too… what gets created is… intellect.

What is enjoyment of the soul, by the soul, for the soul ? What is it called as ? Of course, it is called as Meditation.

Meditation is defined as stilling the mind’s incessant waves.

When the mind gets stilled, the soul becomes active to its own self.

Stilling the mind … and beginning to enjoy the soul… that is meditation.

Through meditation… a new magnificence gets created… that is intellect.

Then, man becomes…      .


Once the intellect gets created, then enlightenment begins.

Enlightenment is defined as… understanding one’s own true multi-dimensional existence.

As the intellect grows, enlightenment also becomes more.

As there is more and more enlightenment… the capacity for enjoyment through the body, through the mind and through the soul… also becomes increasingly… more and more.

Let’s again state…

The purpose of life is to enjoy.

And, enjoyment is directly proportional to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is of the intellect.

And, intellect is the child of meditation.