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“Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi”


Mahatma Gandhi .. The Heart of India

Mahatma Gandhi .. The Simplicity of India

Mahatma Gandhi .. The Message of India

Mahatma Gandhi .. The Greatest Karma Yogi

Mahatma Gandhi .. A True Spiritual Master

The Message is Ahimsa .. Non-Violence

The Message is Vegetarianism

The Message is Truth .. and Expression of Truth

The Message is Satyagraha

The Message is Simple Living .. and

Highest Possible Thinking

The Message is Reverence for all Life-Forms

The Message is Peaceful Co-Existence and Harmony

Romain Rolland, the great French historian and

Nobel Prize litterateur, said these words about Gandhiji :

“I know no hero more pure, more straight-forward

or more truthful than Gandhiji”

He called Gandhiji as “The Christ of India”.

Hail unto the Mahatma!

Hail unto the Christ of India!