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“Meditation and Enlightenment”

We are all GODS in essence.

However, we should become GODS in practice. We should practice GOD-HOOD in all our moment-to-moment thoughts, and  in all our time-to-time words and deeds.

As we keep increasing our understanding of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE and as we keep practicing our REGULAR MEDITATION .. we become more and more capable in the actualization of our GOD-HOOD.

As we become more and more capable in the actualization of our GOD-HOOD, our Life-Zest increases. The over-all goal of spirituality is to increase our Life-Zest.

“Meditation .. the first stage”

“MEDITATION” means getting rid of the wasteful part of the mind, becoming the master of the mind.

In Meditation, there are three phases:


“Anapanasati” .. means being with the normal, natural, simple, soft, easy and tender BREATH.

“Kayanupassana” .. is watching, a little, the movements of energy fields .. when they are experienced in the etheric body .. as a result of practicing Anapanasati.

“Vipassana” .. is paying maximum attention to the third-eye experiences as and when the third-eye activity begins, as a result of deducated regular practice of Anapanasati.

“Enlightenment .. the second stage”

As we keep to the practice of anapanasati meditation, we enter into the phase of vipassana and we begin to understand that we are essentially a third-eye.

We understand that we are a soul. This is called “ENLIGHTENMENT”.

As we keep increasing our focus on enlightenment, we become more and more the master of the mind, then we become candidates for right intellect, in the day-to-day physical world.

The first stage of meditation leads to the second stage that is enlightenment. However, for the enlightenment to become steadfast, two more essential activities are required:

1. Swadhyaya  2. Satjana Sangatya

Only a well-tamed mind can take up “Swadhyaya” i.e., reading right spiritual books and “Satjana Sangatya” i.e., interacting with right people.

“Swadhyaya” .. means reading all spirituo-scientific books.

“Satjana Sangatya” .. means interacting with right meaning and spirituo-scientific people.

Without reading spirituo-scientific books, and without interacting with spirituo-scientific people, enlightenment does not mature, as it should.

Enlightenment further means two more things:

1. Not lamenting for anything  2. Not wasting any time

We are not here on the Earth, for any lamenting. Whatever be the situation .. or whatever be the achievement or non-achievement.. we are here, always to rejoice and celebrate.

“REJOICING” is the natural result when we understand that every so called ‘failure’ is nothing but a stepping-stone for subsequent successes.

The only thing we have to avoid is ‘regretting’. Regretting means unnecessarily indulging energy in the past, which is gone forever.

Every regret is a fresh blunder ! We may commit errors of judgement.. errors are natural. Only we should not indulge in prolonged regrets.

And, every present moment should be utilized creatively and productively.

“Awareness .. the third stage”

“ENLIGHTENED MASTERS” alone are perfectly aware in any given moment and in any given situation.

“AWARENESS” means to come back to the “here”  and “now” .. from the “there” and “then”.

“AWARENESS” has two essential aspects:

1. Living in the present-current moment

2. Living in the eternity-forever timelessness

“AWARENESS” .. means dedicating oneself totally to the work on hand, at any given present-current moment.

“AWARENESS” .. means being totally alive in the given present-current situation.

“AWARENESS” .. means flowing happily with the natural emotions in the great ‘ here ’ and ‘ now ’.

“AWARENESS” .. also means living in the concept of eternity-forever timelessness. There is “past”. There is “present”. And there is “future”. However, these are not distinct and separate blocks, but one great and vast timelessness.

“LIVING WISELY” also demands that we take into consideration the eternity of past and the eternity of future also, for fathoming the most appropriate present action or reaction.

“Life-zest .. the final stage”

The natural end-result of meditation is enlightenment. The natural end-result of enlightenment is awareness. And the natural end-result of awareness is “LIFE-ZEST”.

Now, every given moment is enjoyed.

Now, every given situation is savoured.

Now, life becomes absolutely dynamic.

Now, life becomes absolutely miraculous.

Now, every thought acquires power. No sooner a thought is created .. it manifests without any distortions.

Now, every word becomes a power-dynamite. Now, every action also becomes a piece of art and grace. Now, life has become a continuous celebration.

“Life-Zest” has two essential aspects :

1. Passionate giving  2. Passionate receiving

“MORE LIFE-ZEST” means more compassion .. that is more and more happy and passionate giving.

Compassionate giving and continuous giving becomes a natural habit.

“MORE LIFE-ZEST” also means more and more unconditional acceptance of everything.

Continuous state of happy and passionate acceptance becomes a natural habit.

There is a graceful giving and a graceful receiving .. all the time .. in all the situations.