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There are several Spiritual Laws.

For example, ” The Law of Consciousness ” .. which states that ” Everything is Consciousness .. matter, energy, thoughts ” .. all are Consciousness itself.

” The Law of Consciousness ” is the First Law of Spiritual Science.

The Second Law of Spiritual Science says, ” Consciousness incarnates in several life-forms, in several human forms ” and it is called as ” The Law of Incarnation “.

Once the consciousness .. as a Soul .. is incarnated in a particular life-form, it continues to incarnate in the same life-form to continue it’s experiences .. and now .. the same Law is called as ” The Law of Reincarnation “.

The Third Law in the Spiritual Science domain is ” The Law of Karma “, which is simply explained as “As we sow, so we reap “.

” Law of Karma ” .. otherwise called as ” Law of Cause and Effect” .. links the past, the present and the future into one huge, infinite, non-differentiated continuum.

Yet, another Law in the Spiritual Science edifice is “The Law of Constant Progression “. It essentially means, “Whatever we do .. or we may not do .. we definitely add something to our experience bank and, therefore, we always move forward in our evolution ! There is nothing like ‘ regression ‘ or ‘ going back ‘ ! There is ever a constant progression. “

There is, then, the Fifth Spiritual Law in the domain of spiritual science. It says, “You certainly can hasten your progress “.

It is called as ” The Law of Hastening Progression “. We can speed up our progress through appropriate means ..  like “meditation” .. “serving others” .. “studying intensively spiritual science books” etc.

The Sixth and the Final Spiritual Law in the Spiritual Science domain is, “The Law of Uncertainty”, which says, ” You can never accurately pin-point the exact state of affairs “. If a certain state of affairs is existing now .. it is bound to be so .. because there are always a billion of factors governing every single event-formation .. in such an infinitely dynamic cosmic scenario!

“The Law of Karma” is the most important Spiritual Law, which every beginner in the Spiritual Science field should understand. This is the Law .. without whose assistance .. we will never be able to fathom the so-called “mysteries “of human life.

Jesus Christ said: “As you sow, so you reap”. Whatever we do, the results thereof will have to be enjoyed .. and we will, in due course .. certainly enjoy! In other words” we create our own respective realities “.

” Law of Karma ” is always studied in conjunction with ” The Law of Reincarnation “. Unless we make efforts to understand the Law of Karma, we will never be able to generate right and proper karma in the current moment.

This word” KARMA” is a sanskrit word, which means “ACTION”.

Every action becomes as a cause unto a consequent result. And, every result, in turn, becomes as a cause unto some other action.

Whatever we do, it leads to its own consequent situations. If we are not careful in crossing the road, then we have to pay for it. If we over-speed, we have to pay for it .. if we are not careful with our words ( in our dealings with our fellow human beings) we will have to pay for them.

If we over-eat, we will have to pay for it. If we under-eat, we will, again, have to pay for it. If we over-indulge ourselves in drinking, we will have to pay for it. We cannot over-drink and shirk ourselves from the consequences.

” Every given present “got evolved automatically from the “past”. And, ” every given present” will automatically get evolved into a certain definite future.

We have to carefully refrain from what we know we shouldn’t do. Otherwise, we become candidates to reap what we do not want to reap, what we do not want to relish.

We want good to happen to ourselves .. but we refuse to do good to others ! We want good to be done by others, without doing good to others ourselves, which is simply ridiculous. If we harm others, only bad comes to us from everybody else; if we do good to others only good comes to us from every side.

We eat the flesh of animals by killing them, shedding the blood, giving much pain to all the Animal Gods, and we have to pay for it.

There are so many reasons why we should never kill animals. Killing animals, birds and fish .. for food .. sport .. is very very bad karma.

Human beings are not to disturb the Animal Gods .. animal brothers. Human beings have to care for the animal brothers. This is what is expected from the Human Kingdom. But, throughout the Earth, the humanity has been .. and is being .. very cruel, very stupid and very self-defeating.

The Whole of the Humanity is suffering from its own heinous crimes .. killing animal brothers and eating the carcasses thereof.

‘God’ .. does not punish .. any body! Our own wrong choices, our own stupid choices .. our own bad karma .. our own violent karma .. naturally boomerangs and punishes us !  Not letting another life-form to exist .. what a SIN !

The whole of the Humanity .. from America to India .. from Myanmar to Japan .. from Australia to Argentina .. all the countries and all the people are committing the most heinous karma of killing the animal brothers and eating the flesh thereof.

Flesh eaters do not understand what they are doing .. and all these people are very God fearing and’ religious’ too .. church going, temple going, mosque going .. what a blasphemy!

The simple KARMIC LAW is that” As You do unto others, you will be done by”. You cannot expect otherwise from GOD ! It is a simple reflection of the Newtonian type of Dynamics beautifully applied to human situations: “Law of action and reaction are always equal and opposite “. Whatever we give .. pain or pleasure .. the same we have to receive.

Unless we understand ” the truth of multiple life-times ” and ” the truth of consciousness “, we cannot understand these karmic things. Whether we understand these karmic equations or not, these do exist .. in all their infinite complexity.

Remember that we have to wash the consequences of many life-times of negative or bad karmas .. in order to be free, happy, healthy and tranquil in the current life-time.

If we have the burden of ” life-times of karma” hanging on us, we can not have any health, any happiness and any peace in the current life-time.

We have to clear off all the dead-weight burden of our hoary past karma.

Animal flesh eating must be stopped forthwith and everyone should become a pure vegetarian. Law of Karma boils down to becoming a VEGETARIAN first!

If we have not yet become a vegetarian, we have not even begun to enter the portals of the Kingdom of God. “To be a Vegetarian” .. is the first very mighty step in the Journey toward the Kingdom of God.

We have to be compassionate to our animal friends, co-planetary beings! Once we set this major point right .. then, we automatically take the next step, i.e.,going into ,meditation ‘.

Intense Practice of Meditation will dissolve all our accumulated bad karma in no time whatsoever.

These are the two great steps : one is vegetarianism, the second is meditation. That’s how we come out of ” the binding chain of Karma “.

Good deeds create a “paradise” in our lives. Bad deeds and harmful deeds create a hell for us. The HELL in our lives is the result of our bad deeds, our violent deeds, our lack of compassion to the animal friends. All these create a HELL. When we do good to others .. do good to co-life-forms of the planet .. take good care of them .. then we will be able to create HEAVEN in our lives.

When we understand properly that the Law of Karma is the” Sole LAW” which decides and governs all the human situations and event formations .. then we will be extremely careful with our words, with our deeds and with our thoughts.

No ‘doctor’ can really help us. No hospital can really help us. No drug can really help us. Only meditation will really help us. Only vegetarianism will really help us.

Ingest only the ‘plant food’ but never the animal flesh. The Vegetable Kingdom alone is the natural food for Humans.

Present Life is meant for making merry, but not at the cost of our own future, not at the cost of our own subsequent life-times, not at the cost of our own continued happy existence.

Law of Karma also reveals that ” As we think, so we become” .. ” As our mind is, so will be our life “.

The more we make our minds empty, tranquil, happy .. the more our words, our thoughts, our deeds will be impeccable.

To make our words clean, to make our thoughts clean, and to make our deeds clean .. meditation is the most important thing.

Richard Bach said :  “The mark of your ignorance is the depth of your belief in injustice and tragedy “.

All the injustices, all the tragedies exist because we have committed injustices and we have created tragedies in others’ lives. If we desist from doing willful injustice, then we will not have any injustice in our life. We will have only justice. Sow justice, reap justice. Sow injustice, reap injustice. That’s DIVINE JUSTICE.

“As you sow, so shall you reap”.. this has to be understood right from childhood. Parents should live according to the essence of The Law of Karma .. then alone children will learn.

All diseases are the fructification of previous bad karma. Meditation-derived cosmic energy burns off all bad past karma !

Law of Karma governs the Universe perfectly. It is the simple Beauty of Nature.

Law of Karma is not a mechanical law .. it is a Creative Law. There is no heavenly personalized ‘saviour ‘.

Our own good and kind deeds are the Saviour! Be a Vegetarian! Be a Meditator! There should not be any mindless cruelty. There should be mighty compassion.