Today, we remember The Great Master.
Everyday we remember The Great Master.
Every moment we are in the remembrance of the MASTER.

Every Great Master is the same.
All Masters are the same.

A Master is a person who has conquered his MIND.
A Master’s MIND is a Pure Mind.
A Master’s MIND is full of Compassion.
Full of compassion towards those people
..who are Yet to become masters.
..who are at the mercy of the Senses.
..who do not want to know the Kingdom of God.
“The Kingdom of God is Within”.
“Seek ye the Kingdom of God and his righteousness
first, and then all else will be added unto You”
“Seeking the Kingdom of God, which is within”
= doing meditation

“his righteousness” = Ahimsa / Non harming / Non Killing

A Master is Infinite Patience.
A Master is Infinite Compassion.
A Master is a constant teacher.
A Master is a constant Smile.
Pranams to the Great Master.. Jesus !

~ S.Patri