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My dear Friends, my dear Masters and My dear Gods of the whole world. Today, we are going to learn the teachings of the great master, the great guru, this great world teacher… Jesus Christ. Subash patri

We have all heard so much about this great master’s teaching right from our childhood.

Every Sunday, we used to go to the church and listen to his teachings.

We know so much about his life and so much about his teachings… but, today, we are going to look at this great world teacher, world guru, world master, through the eyes of the science of meditation, through the lens of the science of enlightenment.

What did Jesus Christ mean by his mission on this earth ? Why did he plan such a birth ? What was his essential message in designing that particular life-time of him ?

It was his intention to show the real path to all the mankind… how to live … and how to die. In this, he is one with all the great masters of the creation, right from the beginning times to now.

All the perfected masters have the same message of truth. Truth is one.

Truth can’t be several things to several masters. It cannot be one to Gautama Buddha… it cannot be another to Zoraster… it cannot be another to Lao-tzu… and it cannot be different to Jesus Christ. The truth is the same for Krishna, for Mahavir, for Jalaluddin Rumi, for Milarepa.

Truth is the same for you, for me, and for everyone.

All the great masters come to live the truth to the best of their abilities, so that their lives are an inspiration to our own lives, and their teachings are the guidance that we seek.

We all have to live according to the truth as the masters have lived their lives according to truth. So, their lives are the examples for our own lives.

We have to speak the same language they spoke. We have to think in the same way, that they thought in their own respective brains. We have to live our daily lives the way they have lead their daily lives.

Let us see the two great commandments of Jesus Christ. The first commandment is “ love thy self with all thy heart ”. The second commandment is “ love thy neighbour… like you love yourself ”.

What do you mean by ‘ love thy self ’ ? Are you going to kiss your own hand ? In fact, who are ‘ you ’ ? He never said ‘ love thy body ’. He said ‘ love thy self ’.
What exactly is ‘ body ’ ? And, what exactly is ‘ self ’ ? Self is not the body. And, body is the not self.

He said “ love thy self ”. He never said “ love thy body ”. We have to understand that the body comes and goes, but the self is eternity. Body is a temporary affair, but the self is a permanent phenomenon.

“ Love thy self ”

We mistake our self for our body. That is the whole ignorance. That is the whole problem. Then we cannot understand the great master Jesus Christ or any other master. Jesus’s simple words are “ Love thy self ”. Remember, he never said a word about the ‘ body ’.

Our self is not that we perceive in the mirror. That which is seen in the mirror is only the body… it is not our own self.

The self is that energy-entity, that consciousness-entity and that knowledge-entity which has come to the earth and which will go away from the earth, once the body- time is over.

We are not the body… and we are not the mind… and we are not that worldly intellect.

We are not that which has obtained a social training in the world. We are not that which our parents have inculcated in us. We are not that our school teachers have taught us.

We are that entity, that which existed, before we came on to this earth and that which continues to exist forever and forever… after we cease to be in the physical body on this physical earth.

We are the Eternity. We are that Soul. The name given to an entity of eternity… to an individual speck of eternity… is called SOUL.

We are the SOUL… and the soul has the SPIRIT behind. Unless we understand the different words like ‘ Body ’, ‘ Mind ’, ‘ Intellect ’, ‘ Soul ’ or the ‘ Spirit ’… we can never understand Jesus Christ or any other great master.

We have to understand that the body is the least significant part in the matters of spirituality. Body is never referred to in the issues of spirituality.

In the field of spirituality, the subject matter is the soul. Every spiritual master’s only role is to remind people that they are not the physical bodies, the physical systems that fret and fume on this earth… but they are SOULS which have got SPIRIT behind. And that’s what Jesus Christ too preached.

That’s why he said “ Love thy self ”. Here “ thy self ” means the “ soul ”… and how do you love your own soul ? We have to realize our own soul first in order to love our soul.

First of all, how do we realize our own body ? We see in the mirror and realize “ Oh, My eyes are like ‘ this ’, my face is like ‘ that ’ ”. So, we stand in front of the mirror to look at our own bodies… to realize our own bodies.

Now, we have to realize our own souls. What should we do to realize our own souls ? To realize our own souls we have to do ‘ meditation ’. That is the mirror for the seeing of the soul. That is the mirror for realization of the soul of the self.
How do we do meditation ?

We have to close our eyes, we have to be still in the body, we have lock our body and be with the breath-energy. Once we are still in the body… we transcend the body. Once we become still in the mind… we transcend the mind.

As we transcend the mind, we enter into the soul awareness or soul consciousness… also called as… extra-sensory-perception.

And that is the beginning of self-realization. And once the self is realized we begin to love the self.

It is just like a woman becoming a mother and begetting a child.

As long as there is no child, there is no loving of the child. A woman cannot know mother-hood before attaining mother-hood. Once the mother-hood is there, then the woman begins to love the mother-hood. In fact, the new mother cannot even contemplate her life without mother-hood.

Begetting a self through meditation is just like a woman begetting a child through mother-hood.

Every woman has to become a mother. Every woman is, in fact, destined to become a mother. That’s how a woman’s body is, per se, built.

In the same way… every physical body, every physical entity is created by a soul… and every person, every entity… in turn… has to realize the soul for personal fulfilment.

Once we realize the soul, we begin to love the soul and that’s forever and forever.

Our mind is not our self.

So, let us not love our mind-stuffs.

Our mind is an off-shoot of our upbringing or social interaction. If we are born into a Hindu family, the Hindus indoctrinate us… and we are stuck up with a ‘ Hindu ’ mind. In the same way, if we are born into an Islamic community, Islam is indoctrinated into us… and we are stuck up with an ‘ Islamic ’ mind. Similarly, if we are born into an atheistic family, we are indoctrinated into atheism… and we are stuck up with an ‘atheistic’ mind.

The mind, itself, is the culprit.

The mind, itself, is the villain…. Be it a ‘ Hindu ’ mind or an ‘ Islamic ’ mind or an ‘ atheistic ’ mind. That is why we have to transcend the mind. A Hindu has to transcend his / her ‘ Hindu ’ mind. A Muslim has to transcend his / her ‘ Islamic ’ mind. A Christian has to transcend his / her ‘ Christian ’ mind. An atheist has to transcend his / her ‘ atheistic ’ mind.

And how is the mind transcended ? Who can help us ? Can we ‘ pray ’ for it ? Can an Ascended Master do it for us ?

No, No, No.

Only meditation helps us. We have to do away with the concept of prayer and we have to go into the concept of meditation. We have to go away from the practice of prayer and we have to go into the practice of meditation.

That’s why Jesus said “ Seek ye the Kingdom of God ” and he also said “ The Kingdom of God is within ”.

Meditation is the process of going within. Prayer is an outside activity. All outside activities have to be given up… in order to embark upon inward journey.

Be still in the body, be still in the mind… and “ Know thy Self ”… The great Greek Masters said, “ GNOSTI SEAUTION ”… which means “ KNOW YOURSELF ”.

So, we have to become still in the body and become still in the mind, taking the help of the breath-energy. Then we transcend the body and the mind and realize the soul and the self.

Now, let us remember the words “ with all thy heart ”. It means let us do meditation with our total sincerity, with our total seriousness.

The whole of our seriousness should be dedicated to realize our own selves. Loving our own self… that is to do meditation. Jesus Christ did not use the word ‘ meditation ’ in particular… but that is exactly what he meant.

We have to realize that we are a soul. Only then will we begin to love the soul.
For example, I realized that I am a soul almost thirty years back. Since then I started loving myself absolutely.

I started seeing my own self… not at all as a body… but as a soul. I began to see everybody else also as a soul, not as their bodies.

So, some person loses his / her body… and it doesn’t matter to me whatsoever. I don’t see any ‘ body ’ any where… and consequently any ‘ death ’ anywhere.

I see only souls. Since I have realized that I am a soul I have begun to see everybody else as a soul.

That’s what Jesus Christ did. He realized himself as a soul and therefore, he has seen everyone as a soul. When his body was on the crucifix, even then, he didn’t lament. He was celebrating the release of the soul from the body. He knew himself totally.

Those people who do not do meditation are yet to realize their own souls. Those of us who do a lot of meditation are the people who have begun to realize the souls.

Once the realization is complete, they start living as a soul and then it is “ Loving thy self ” or “ Loving their own self ”. Only after realization that we are a soul that we begin to love, in earnest, our own souls.

How do we love our souls ?

By feeding the soul… by giving it drink… by providing wine for the soul… that is ‘ manna ’ for the soul.

When we read a book by a Buddha, by a Mahavir or by some other master, that is ‘ manna ’ for the soul.

Feeding the soul is exactly like feeding the body. Feeding the soul with knowledge of soul-hood… that is called as “ Loving thy self ”.

When you are listening to my words you are feeding your own soul. You are not doing anything to your body… while you are listening to me. I am transmitting my own soul consciousness to you and you are drinking this soul consciousness which is emanating from me. This drinking is feeding your own soul.

Through my words you get connected again to your soul. That refreshes your soul, replenishes your soul, strengthens your soul, vitalizes your soul… and your soul is much more fitter than before.

Why did Jesus Christ choose to be born on earth and teach the humanity ? What did he do ? He fed the souls of every human being. That is what he did.

We are not talking about the physical bread and the physical wine that he distributed. He took care of the spiritual bread and spiritual wine of the whole masses.

Don’t look at the physical bread… which anybody can feed anyone else. So many rich people have fed the humanity with material bread and material wine.

The material bread and material wine, feed only the physical bodies. Jesus Christ did not come to feed the people with the material bread and the material wine. He, in fact, gave spiritual bread and spiritual wine unto the souls.

The spiritually hungry souls ate the spiritual bread.

And the spiritually thirsty souls drank the spiritual wine.

And they were blissful.

Many souls became like Jesus Christ under the teachings of Jesus Christ. Many lives were inspired… and they again lived like Jesus Christ. We know all of them. We know about all his disciples.

Every soul inspired by Jesus Christ becomes another Jesus Christ.

So, when you are with the breath-energy, the mind became still. Then we realize the soul. We realize the SPIRIT behind the soul. The universal SPIRIT, is the source of individual self.

We have to understand these terms. Every term indicates a certain reality.

‘ Body ’… is a term which represents a certain reality. The physical body has been obtained from our parents.

‘ Mind ’… is another term indicating another reality… the mind is the sum total of the indoctrination that we get from our society, right from our childhood… our society includes our parents, our teachers from the school and the colleges… and other members of the society in general. Whatever they tell us, all that goes to compose the mind.

‘ Intellect ’… is another term indicating another reality. The intellect is the sum total resultant of our actual life experiences.

‘ Soul ’… is a creation of a great SPIRIT and the soul enters the body at the time of birth and vacates the body at the time of death. That’s what we are. So, every great spiritual teacher who comes on to the earth to teach, says the same thing… “ You are not the body, you are a soul ”.

The SOUL is a fragment, an off-shoot of a great SPIRIT, which, in turn, is an organic part of the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT.

The SPIRIT is the GOD-HOOD, that Jesus spoke of. “ I am the Son of God ”, he said.

“ I ” means the SOUL, not the physical body of Jesus Christ which we see, walking on the earth. What we should see is not that which is walking on the earth. What we should see is that which has entered the physical body, at the time of birth, and stays in the body until the death comes, and which vacates the body ultimately. That’s what we have to see… that is a soul.
Soul is a mint, a coin minted by a great mint factory called the SPIRIT. The SPIRIT mints any number of souls, like a mint factory mints any number of coins and every coin is a soul unto eternity.

“ Love thy self… with all thy heart ” means to do a lot of meditation. Then, we will also realize that we are also Sons of God.

SON means SOUL

GOD means UNIVERSAL SPIRIT, where we are one with every other being.
As souls, we have different experiences, However, as SPIRIT we are all one… children of the same.

“ Love thy neighbour… like you love your own self ”

What does it mean ? How should we love our neighbours ? The way we love ourselves, is the same way we have to love others.

So, if we are loving ourselves by doing meditation, we will be loving others by helping the other souls also into meditation… that’s the second commandment of Jesus Christ… “ teach meditation to others, explain meditation to others ”. That is the essence of the second great commandment of Jesus Christ.

We have to do meditation ourselves, plus teach and preach meditation to others.
So we have to understand that Jesus Christ has specifically asked us to do meditation, and spread meditation.

“ Seek ye the Kingdom of God and his righteousness first and then everything else will be added unto you ”

“ Seek the Kingdom of God ”

That is the first and foremost thing every soul on earth should do, not to take care of the temporary physical body but to take care of the permanent soul.

“ Then all else will be added unto you ”

When you do meditation to your heart’s fill… your body’s wants and desires will automatically be fulfilled… your mind’s needs and desires will automatically be fulfilled… your intellect’s needs and desires will also be fulfilled.

The body and the mind and the intellect… they are all fed by the soul. Look after your soul. Look after the essence of truth.

All will be added. Whatever we want… the daily bread… and the daily wine. We have to have lot of bread and lot of wine every day. We will get everything, once we realise the soul.

We have to go within ourselves. We have to shut down our physical systems.

The Kingdom of God is within… so, why are we going without ? The way to go within is called meditation.

A soul is a store-house of experiences gathered from life-time to life-time.

We not only exist as physical body on some earth we also exist as an astral body in so many astral worlds and as a causal body in so many causal worlds… all this is our soul-hood.

With physical body we have physical experiences; with the astral body we have astral experiences; with the causal body we have causal experiences.

All these experiences are, therefore, the soul’s sum total of our experiences, in whichever dimension we find ourselves.

If we don’t understand about our astral bodies, our causal bodies, our SPIRITs, we cannot understand Jesus’s words.

I can’t understand a Karpov or a Kasparov, in chess, unless I become a chess player myself. As a non chess-player how can I understand the moves of grand masters of chess ? Similarly, how can I understand grand master Jesus’s words if I don’t become a master of spirituality myself ?

Jesus Christ was a great master of meditation.

Do you know what he said ?

“ I fasted for forty days ”

Is it a physical fasting ? Was he referring to abstaining from material food ? Or was he referring to the fasting of the mind ? He was, in fact, referring to the fasting of the mind… emptying the mind… he was, in fact, referring to meditation.

The mind was without any content for forty days. He did meditation for forty days. Then he has realized himself.

Anybody would realize himself / herself, If he / she goes into meditation for forty days. You can’t go into meditation for one day and realize your soul.

We have to do meditation continuously for forty days. That’s how any person would become like Jesus Christ.

When we do meditation… we get everything else… the physical health, the mental peace, the mental happiness, the mental tranquillity, the intellectual sharpness, the intellectual maturity… everything.

Meditation is the single point agenda of any master… a Buddha, or a Jesus, or a Mahavir, or a Zoraster,… or a Richard Bach, or a Carlos Castaneda, or an Annie Besant, or a Blavatsky, or a Nanak, or a Marpa, or a Milarepa,… it doesn’t matter… its all only one teaching… meditation.

Jesus Christ said “ Unless thine two eyes become one, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God ”.

The physical eyes… they see the world. They cannot see the Kingdom of God.

“ Unless thine two eyes become one ”

What does it mean ?

The “ one eye ” is called the third eye. That the third eye can alone see the Kingdom of God.

Unless we close our two physical eyes we are not going to open our soul’s eye… which is called third eye.

Physical eyes are two but the spiritual eye is one and unless we close the physical eyes, our spiritual eye is not going to open.

“ Unless you become like a child, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God ”

As children, we are really in the Kingdom of God. But as the society indoctrinates the children and as the children you become older and older you, get drowned in the kingdom of the world… and forget the Kingdom of God.

As a child we are all in the paradise. As we become adults the paradise is lost. Now the paradise has to be regained. It means we have to become like children again.

How do we become a child again ? Only in meditation the worldly adult-hood gets erased and the divine childhood is regained.

In meditation we regain our own child-hood. The more we are into meditation, the more we are back into our child-hood.

We have to regain our child-hood, our natural childhood. We have to become a natural child again. We must get back to our original nature… which is our soul-hood. As souls we are always child-like, beautiful children. All souls are beautiful, child-like souls. How do we get back into our childhood ? Only ‘ meditation ’.
Only a meditator can understand a Jesus Christ. Only a meditator can understand a Buddha.

“ In my father’s kingdom there are many mansions ”

There are many planes of existence… planes of vibration in creation… the earth, the astral universes, the causal universes, the supra causal worlds.

There are so many planes of existences, planes of different vibrations, of different frequencies in the creation. Each one of those planes is called a ‘ mansion ’ by Jesus Christ.

How does he know about the mansions ? He knows everything. He knows everything… because he is a great meditator.

“ As you sow, so you reap ”

“ Those who kill by the sword will be killed by the sword ”

These are statements made by Lord Jesus Christ. If we do harm to other life-forms we reap the consequences there of certainly. If we do good to other like forms we again reap the good consequences thereof.

As we sow, so we reap… this is the Law of Karma.

Knowing the Law of Karma we can’t kill.

When our mind is empty, huge amount of cosmic energy floods into the physical body. When the physical body is saturated, and charged with the cosmic energy, the third eye becomes active and we enter the Kingdom of God.

Let us learn more and more about the science of meditation. Let us practice more and more meditation.

Today, my dear friends, we have looked at Jesus Christ enough. We have looked at Jesus Christ’s teachings through the lens of the science of the meditation.

Hail unto Jesus Christ.
Hail unto the Kingdom of God.
Hail unto the Science of Meditation.