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INDIA .. a Great Spiritual Land ..

.. of any number of Saints and any number of Sages.

Travelling the whole world, I cannot wait to return back ..

.. to the Land of Spirituality .. INDIA.


.. the Land of Vegetarianism and Ahimsa ..

.. of Reverence for all life … Plant, Animal and Human.


.. a Land of tolerant Heart and open Mind.


.. a Land, dedicated to Meditation and Scientific Spirituality.


Spirituality essentially means .. regaining the Feminine Spirit ..

.. and enthroning the same in our day-to-day life.

The Male Aggressive Aspect has to come down ..


the Female Receptive Aspect should increase in every person.

We, all the Masters of the PSSM,

pay a special homage to Ma Ananadamayi ..

.. one of the greatest Indian Woman Saints of 19th century