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India achieved Independence of a great sort on Aug 15th 1947.

However, India got Partitioned, and the suffering began … and it has not ended .. it cannot end ..

Until all People of Unpartitioned India achieve self-realization and, thus, harmonious living.

Harmonious Living is Possible only through SPIRITUALITY

True Independence is achieved only through SPIRITUALITY

SPIRIT / ATMA is truly the Independent Phenomenon

Body is a dependent Phenomenon

Mind is a dependent Phenomenon

Intelligence is a dependent Phenomenon.

SPIRIT / ATMA / SOUL is the only Independent entity.


People who are identified 100% with the body, or Mind or Intellect are forever the suffering humanity.

Let there be SPIRITUALITY everywhere.

Every human being needs to become independent through entering the stream of SPIRITUALITY.

SPIRITUALITY ” becomes possible only through a sincere / serious Practice of MEDITATION.

MEDITATION ” is Possible only when one becomes ONE with The Breath.

BREATH ” bestows “ Independence ” otherwise called as “ MUKTI


~ Subhash Patri

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