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‘ Holistic Health ’ .. means ‘ Wholesome Health ’ .. or ‘ Complete Health ’.
‘ Holistic Health ’ consists of five mega components :

physical health
mental / emotional health
intellectual health
spiritual health.
social health.

Physical Health

There should be no illness and there should be no disease. That is physical health.

Mental / Emotional Health

There should be no mental depression at any time. Even if we are insulted, we should never lose our emotional energy. That is mental health.

Intellectual Health

If we read a scripture, we should be able to understand the inner most meaning of it immediately. If we do not understand, it means there is something wrong with our intellectual health. Our intellect is not as ‘ healthy ’ as it should be. If we read Vedas, we should be able to understand.

If any person says something .. and if we are not able to understand that particular thing, then, something is wrong with our intellect .. that means, our intellectual health is not up to the mark.

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health means, we must know what we are, in our true essence, basically. We should be able to feel and understand that we are an eternity and an infinity of fundamental pure consciousness. We are an “ ATMA ”.

Social Health

We are responsible for the all round health of all our fellow beings in the society. If we are not working for the betterment of the fellow beings, then, we do not have social health. If I don’t teach meditation to you, it means I don’t have social health. It means I am not doing my social dharma. If we don’t perform our social dharma, we lack social health.

These five components together are called ‘ Holistic Health ’.