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“2003 2013”

.. ten years ..

Year 2000 .. An IDEA gets born in the mind ..

“A Mega Pyramid of PSSM will come somewhere in Bengaluru City”

Year 2003 .. The IDEA begins to manifest

Year 2013 .. The IDEA gets totally manifested

The original IDEA is now

“Pyramid Valley International” ..

the grand show-piece of the PSSM to the world at large

“Pyramid Valley International”

where seekers from all over India and from all other countries

can visit, stay and learn to practice Anapanasati Breath-Meditation

utilizing the grand energies of

“Maitreya Buddha Mega Pyramid”

“Pyramid Valley International”

presents a chip of beautiful nature .. hilly, peaceful, tranquil and serene

The Valley has been .. since the year 2004 .. the venue for PSSM’s annual

“Buddha Poornima Celebrations”

And, the Valley has also been the grand venue of

“Global Congresses of Spiritual Scientists”

since the year 2008

Now, “Pyramid Valley International” is a well-known and familiar

Home-Place for most of the spiritual scientists of the world

The whole Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

is so proud of its magnificent achievement. Congratulations to all the

pyramid masters .. who have worked so relentlessly, all these years ..

for the creation of this “Heavenly Meditation Abode”