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Earth is entering into a new age

Earth is entering into a great photon band

A photon band is a high-energy stream

Once in 26,000 years, the solar system enters the photon band

*        *        *

This time around, our solar system started entering the photon band in the year 1987

The whole solar system will be in the photon band by the year 2012

Earth is being bombarded with very high-energy cosmic rays

*        *        *

When it is raining, if we do not hold a cup, we cannot collect water

When there is no rain, even if we hold the cup, there is nothing to collect

Creating a empty mind… is meditation

An empty mind is the cup that receives and collects cosmic energy

We all should take advantage of the great energy … we all should open ourselves to Meditation.

*        *        *

Current new age on the earth is the new age of meditation

Pyramid is the symbol of new age… creation-wide

*        *        *

Hail unto… meditation

Hail unto… teachers of meditation

Hail unto… pyramids

Hail unto… pyramid meditation

Hail unto… new age