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Spiritual Science is the basis of all existing Religions.

Spiritual Science is the basis for all forms of Spirituality.

*     *     *

Spiritual Science is both subjective and objective

Spiritual Science is like any other science ..

.. it is exact, logical and mathematical.

*     *     *

When the scientific method is applied to spiritual matters,

Spiritual Science is automatically revealed.

*    *    *

One of the main tools in the study of Spiritual Science is meditation

When we do intense meditation,

we understand the grand, natural edifice of Spiritual Science.

*    *   *

Spiritual science is spreading its wings all over the globe.

Meditation has become utter necessity for a Balanced Life.

*    *   *

PSSM is in the fore-front in spreading Spiritual Science

even in the remote villages of India.

*   *   *

Hail Unto PSSM

Hail Unto Patriji