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We, the SOUL ENTITIES, come to this wonderful EARTH – SCHOOL .. from many SOUL WORLDS, many times, by our own sweet choice .. to enjoy physicality and to experience spirituality within the confines of physicality.

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, being a part of the world-wide New Age Spiritual Revolution, is leading humanity from improper eating habits to righteous habits .. from insane materialism to sane spirituality .. by spreading Anapanasati Meditation and encouraging everybody to read the spiritual literature of all the great spiritual MASTERS of the world.

Swami Rama is a SPIRITUAL SCIENTIST par excellence
Swami Rama is definitely my favourite SPIRITUAL HERO
“ Living with the Himalayan Masters ” is such a wonderful master-piece
Reading the book, Himalayas are in front of your eyes
Hail unto Swami Rama
Hail unto all the Himalayan Sages
Hail unto Spiritual Truth
Hail unto Meditation
Hail unto all the various New Age Spiritual Movements of the World
Hail unto Satya Yuga