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We choose our Births

We choose our Earths

We choose our Parents

We choose our Life Conditions

We choose our Life Challenges

*    *    *

We don’t come on to this Earth ..

We don’t enter the mother’s womb ..

Without a priori choice and without a priori decision.

*    *    *

We selected and decided our own births ..

We are not, here, on the Earth, for bemoaning our ‘ fate ’.

Nor are we, here, to bemoan for others ‘ misfortunes ’.

*     *    *

We are here to rejoice and celebrate ..

All our choices and all our decisions.

*     *    *

Earthly Experience is a rich source of Wisdom for any SOUL.

Every Experience adds to the SOUL’s total Fabric of Wisdom.

*     *    *

Hail Unto All Our Life-Times.

Hail Unto All Our Experiences.

Hail Unto All Our Joys and Sorrows.

Hail Unto All Our Victories and Defeats.

Hail Unto All Our Emotions and Feelings.