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MEDITATION is absolutely necessary for every human,

even more than having a good meal.

The physical body becomes weak

if one does not have food for a couple of days,

but if one does not meditate even for one day,

the Mind does become weak.


One person meditating for one thousand days is equivalent to

the same person meditating .. for one day .. with one thousand people, 

in terms of gathering ENERGY


As a result of GROUP MEDITATION,

a SOUL’s Mind gets purified much faster and

the SOUL progresses more speedily ..

because it obtains a collectivity of energies

of so many Positive and Progressive SOULS.

And, further,

One easily gets Collective Protection because of

living in a community of ENLIGHTENED SOULS.


The Path of Group Meditation ..

is the best path for successful and peaceful living

in a given materialistic and egoistic society.