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“ chitta = mind ”

Ancient Seers of India gave the term “ CHITTA ” to the natural restless waves of the mind.

Chitta = natural restless waves of the mind


Yoga = chitta vritthi nirodhaha

Yoga = stopping of the restless waves of the mind

Meditation = restful waves of the mind

Man is incessantly troubled and harmed by the restless nature of the mind.

“ naturally existing restless waves of the mind ”

The natural restless waves of the mind result in unwanted dissipation of the energy of the SOUL.

When the SOUL ENERGY is thus dissipated, the physical body becomes weak and more susceptible to attacks from various external sources, resulting in various diseases, early aging and finally early death.

Ability to concentrate on the issues at hand .. in the present moment .. is deeply hampered by the naturally existing restless waves of the mind. As a result, the memory-power becomes impaired.

The more the natural restless waves of the mind, the more the ineffectiveness of the person to attend to any work .. and it has to be remembered that an uncultivated mind is naturally restless.

The naturally restless mind is the common lot of all persons who do not make any efforts to consciously cultivate the mind. An uncultivated land, of course, becomes full of weeds. Similarly, an uncultivated mind becomes full of unwanted thoughts.

Minimization of the naturally existing restless waves of the mind is achieved when the mind is concentrated on any given work. The more a person concentrates on a given work, the more the mind of the person becomes cultivated .. and, to that extent, the restless nature of the mind becomes reduced. And, to that extent, the mind becomes more restful ; to that extent, the energy of the physical body becomes more.

“ cultivation of restful waves of the mind ”

Meditation, in the beginning, is making efforts to diminish the quantum of naturally existing restless and useless waves of the mind. Soon, a deep restful state of mind is attained as all the useless waves of the mind totally cease.

Meditation is the gradual way of total elimination of the natural restless state of the mind. To achieve this, the mind has to become concentrated on the BREATH.

When our mind gets concentrated on the BREATH, and we keep to the regular practice of the same, a beautiful thing happens. The restless waves of the mind totally cease. A calm, peaceful and tranquil SPIRITUAL MIND is established. The mind becomes rather empty.

As more and more time is spent in being with the BREATH, the mind becomes absolutely empty .. sans any trace of restless and useless thoughts.

When the mind is totally empty, huge amounts of cosmic energy begin to flood into the physical system. More the emptiness of the mind, more the in-flow of cosmic energy into the physical system.

“ Seeing / Inner senses ”

When the physical system gets saturated with cosmic energy, the natural consequence is the great happening of  ‘ seeing ’.

A serious meditator begins to ‘ see ’. In the beginning, flashes of beautiful nature .. hitherto never seen .. are experienced. These flashes of nature are usually from alternate frequency realities.

In this state of deep inner silence, a total inwarding of the outer senses happens. The outer senses in effect become the “ INNER SENSES ”.

With the “ INNER SENSES ”, we do perceive inner worlds. There are several frequencies of inner worlds. The purpose of meditation is to activate the “ INNER SENSES ”, to encounter the inner worlds and have contacts with masters of the inner worlds.

“ Spiritual Wisdom ”

SPIRITUAL WISDOM is obtained from the teachings of the MASTERS of the “ INNER WORLDS ”.

More and more meditation leads to more and more spiritual wisdom. More and more spiritual wisdom means more and more health, vigour and energy in the physical body.

ALTERNATE REALITIES are the realities other than the reality we are presently, currently, engaged in. Each particular reality-system exists with a different frequency. Each frequency-reality, indeed, is an Infinite Universe. The total Cosmos consists of an infinite number of Frequency Universes.

At any given instant, a SOUL is tuned to only one frequency UNIVERSE, which is invariably mistaken .. by the particular SOUL .. to be the only reality.

However, in meditation, a given SOUL breaks out of the cocoon of spiritual ignorance. New reality-systems are experienced. More and more meditation leads to more and more understanding .. through personal experience .. of the tremendous reality of the MACRO COSMOS. All this is called as “ ENLIGHTENMENT ”.