( Excerpts from “ Simple Abundance ” )

“ Our DREAMS are DIVINE STORIES that reveal where we have been, and why, where we are headed, and the easiest way to get there. ”

“ Dreams are our authentic Rosetta stones. Each night new hieroglyphics are inscribed, but not in Egyptian. Our DIVINE inscriptions are familiar faces, settings, objects, pursuits, dilemmas. ”

“ Dreams are also Problem-solvers.

Beethoven and Brahms would jump out of bed in the middle of night to write down scores. Thoreau kept a pencil and a piece of paper under his pillow. Samuel Taylor Coleridge received the entire text to the poem “ Kubla Khan ” in a dream. Robert Louis Stevenson worked plot developments to the “ The strange care of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ” while dreaming. ”

= Sarah Ban Breathnach =

( Excerpted by Subhash Patri )