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The word “MAN” comes from “MIND” ..

whereas the word “Buddha” comes from the word “Buddhi”

Every “MAN” should become a “Buddha”

“Buddhi” means the quintessence of spiritual wisdom ..

“Buddhi” also includes the quintessence of material wisdom ..

“Buddhi”, in fact, means spirituo-scientific intelligence

“MIND” is a virtual photo-image of the society around,

Whereas “Buddhi” is the essence of eternal and universal values

Through “MIND”, we are culturally different and socially apart


If one possesses “Buddhi”, one is in ONENESS with every other

being. Possessing “Buddhi” .. one easily discounts all the really

insignificant cultural and social differences between people

Gautama Buddha

is a classic example of unparalleled spirituo-scientific intelligence

Gautama Buddha

represents an Everest of common sense ..

and an Everest of spiritual experiences

obtained through a very intense practice of MEDITATION

Buddham .. Sharanam Gachchami

Buddha-Dharmam .. Sharanam Gachchami

Buddha-Sangham .. Sharanam Gachchami