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There is a wrong way of BEING

And, there is a right way of BEING

There are wrong ways of DOING all things

And, there are right ways of DOING all things

“To Become Enlightened” means .. leaving the path of wrong way of BEING ..

and all the wrong ways of DOING ..

and entering the path of right way of BEING

and entering the right ways of DOING all things.

Every human being needs to know

“What” .. “Why” .. “How” .. “When” .. and “Where” .. of all things in life.

“What is Right?” .. “What is Wrong?”

“What is to be done?” .. “What is to be avoided?”

“How should things be done?” .. “How should things be not done?”

“Why should things be done?” .. “Why should things be not done?”

“When and where should things be done?”

Information and wisdom about all these things is available

only in the subject of “SPIRITUAL SCIENCE”

“SCIENCE” is logic based system.

“SCIENCE” is based on Cause and Effect phenomenon.

“A+B” will give “C+D” under given conditions of temperature and pressure.

Changing the conditions of temperature and pressure, products will be different.

“SCIENCE” .. or “Law of Cause and Effect”.. is ever impersonal ..

and takes into consideration all basic energy dynamics.


the fundamental characteristic effulgence of “SOUL” or “CONSCIOUSNESS”.

A consistant / creative thought is an “INTENTION” or “INTENT”

Stray Thoughts are as opposed to INTENTS

ENERGY is ever the creative outcome of “INTENT”

The SOUL continually uses its Free-Will INTENTS to shape the MATTER.

Stray Thoughts lack the required critical amount of energy for getting materialized

MEDITATION is the way to decrease the intensity of Stray Thoughts

And, Practice of Meditation, like anything, is a matter of FREE-WILL CHOICE

CONSCIOUSNESS always works on the eternal principle of FREE-WILL and CHOICE.