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“The Hand”

The HUMAN HAND has five fingers.

little finger
ring finger
middle finger
index finger
thumb finger
These different fingers symbolize different concepts in the field of SPIRITUAL SCIENCE :

little finger – Physical Body
ring finger – Mind
middle finge – Intelligence
index finger – Individual Self
thumb finger – Cosmic self

“The Physical Body”

The PHYSICAL BODY is obtained from the physical parents and the Earth elements. PHYSICAL BODY is the minimal part of the totality of our Self. That is why it is represented by the LITTLE FINGER.

When we were a small kid, we used to say “Teacher ! Teacher !” .. and we used to show the little finger to indicate the nature’s call !


“The Mind”

When two hearts.. when two minds.. meet and vibrate at the same frequency, there is a marriage effected and rings are exchanged on the RING FINGER ! Not on any other finger !

THE MIND is obtained from the indoctrination of the Society. If we grew up in a Hindu family, we will have a Hindu mind. If we are born and brought up in a Christian family, we will come to possess a Christian mind .. and so on and so forth.

*  *  *

Further, the RING FINGER is much bigger than the little finger .. the indication is that the “MIND” is so much more important than the “PHYSICAL BODY”.

THE MIND, in fact, is the total controller of the physical body.

The ‘RING FINGER’ represents the Mind.

“The Intelligence”

THE INTELLIGENCE differentiates between good and the bad .. truth and the un-truth .. right and the wrong .. correct and the incorrect .. propriety and impropriety ·· beautiful and the ugly .. irrespective of the SOCIETY factors.

Whereas THE MIND is automatically prejudiced, the INTELLIGENCE is a little less prejudiced and a little more un-biased.

The Intelligence is the sum-total distillate of all the Experiences of a Soul, encompassing all its karmas, in all its different life-times Existences.

Experiences from all our previous life-times becomes the SOURCE – NUCLEUS of present Intelligence. THE INTELLIGENCE is the END-RESULT of the totality of the Soul’s heaven time and earth-time history.

We do observe that the MIDDLE FINGER is bigger than the ring finger. THE INTELLIGENCE is far greater than THE MIND.

The totality of all lives’ experiences is far greater than this particular life’s experience, this particular society’s general thinking.


“The Individual Self”

When we point out somebody, we use the INDEX FINGER, not any other finger !

In fact, we are not just our physical body; we are not just our mind; we are not just our intelligence. We are the ATMA .. the SOUL .. the SELF.

“ATMA” is what most rightly we are .. ATMA is nothing but an eternal speck of CONSCIOUSNESS and Energy and Wisdom !

The Individual Self is otherwise called as “Jeevatma”.


“The Cosmic Self”

The SOURCE-ORIGIN of Individual Self is the COSMIC SELF.

We are all different from each other in our physical bodies, minds and the intelligence; however, we have the same ATMIC SOURCE and WE ARE ALL ONE AT THE LEVEL OF BRAHM-ATMA.

The SOURCE-ORIGIN-INFINITE SELF of the infinite number of Individual Selves is called as the COSMIC SELF. The SOURCE-ORIGIN-INFINITE SELF is otherwise called as “BRAHMATMA” or “SARVA BHUTHATMA”

The greatest of all great truths states:

“Mamatma Sarva Bhuthatma”

“My Individual Self is The Cosmic Self Common To All Beings”

Victory is ever indicated by the THUMB FINGER.

The COSMIC SELF is represented by the ‘THUMB FINGER’.


The “BABA MUDRA” has the ring finger and middle finger folded by the thumb finger. The two fingers that are not touched are the little finger and the index finger.

The significance is that there is that there is no need at all to tamper with the physical body in our spiritual endeavour ! We should never trouble the physical body … NEVER !

The physical body, in itself, is absolutely glorious and wonderful and is a pinnacle achievement of the Nature which is guided by the NATURE SPIRITS.

No need to practice difficult Hatha Yoga Kriyas !

No need of impossible Sheersha Asanas !

The second finger .. ring finger .. i.e., Mind .. must, however, be controlled. THE MIND must be thoroughly disciplined, and should be totally rectified.

*  *  *

All the prejudices and stupidities of the SOCIETY are reflected truly in the INDIVIDUAL MIND. Such prejudices and stupidities of the Society hamper an individual’s sanity and spiritual intelligence. Liquidating the impact all the prejudices and stupidities of the Society on an individual’s mind is the process of meditation.

What can tame the Mind? THE COSMIC SELF ! However, that should be ‘agreed upon’ by the Individual Self.

When the Individual Self wants to see that it’s mind needs to be rectified and purified, it goes into meditation. Then, the COSMIC SELF takes over, purifies and rectifies the Mind by means of its COSMIC ENERGY / COSMIC MIND.

This is the symbolic meaning of the RING FINGER being controlled by the THUMB FINGER in the “Baba Mudra”.

*  *  *

Similarly, the limited INTELLIGENCE, i.e. the MIDDLE FINGER, also, needs to be tamed .. because the limited worldly INTELLIGENCE represents “half knowledge” .. and half Knowledge is absolutely dangerous !

*  *  *


This is the symbolic meaning of the MIDDLE FINGER being controlled by THUMB FINGER in the “Baba Mudra” !

When the Individual Self ‘decides’ to become enlightened, it chooses to go into meditation.

When the individual self chooses meditation, then, the COSMIC SELF takes over and transforms the limited INTELLIGENCE .. the worldly INTELLIGENCE .. with its spiritual Intelligence and spiritual Knowledge .. also called as .. “BUDDHI”.

*  *  *

Transformation of “WORLDLY INTELLIGENCE” into “Buddhi” .. also called as “SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE” is called as JNANA YOGA !

The most important thing to understand is that JNANA YOGA happens .. automatically, and naturally .. in DHYANA YOGA.


Essence of “Baba Mudra”

ring finger rectified = Dhyana Yoga

middle finger rectified = Jnana Yoga

Travelling from a state of “THE MIND” to a state of “THE BUDDHI” … that is called as MEDITATION, or SPIRITUALITY or SPIRITUAL SCIENCE, or ENLIGHTENMENT !

* * *