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Judge Ye Not

No More Judgments

We have no rights to Judge others

Explain Ye Not

No More Explanations

We do not have to Explain ourselves

Nobody has a right to Judge us

Judgments and Explanations enormously deplete the Life-Force

Just jump from one Action to another Action

Just fly from one Experience to another Experience

Become an Adept in the Art and Science of Enjoying all Experiences

Enjoy each and every Experience

Enjoyment of any Experience greatly Enriches the Life-Force

Enjoyment is the by-product of Enlightenment

Enlightenment is the by-product of Meditation

Become an Adept in the Art and Science of Meditation

The Mind is Logical .. the Soul is Magical

Meditation means tasting the Magic of the Soul


is the greatest gift

given by our own efforts

to our own selves and our own lives

– Brahmarshi Patriji

– Excerpted from Spiritual India, Nov – Dec 2010