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" Pyramids assist us in healing .. in preservation... and in going into deep states of meditation. The quality of whatever we do inside the pyramid is enhanced three times more."
~ Brahmarshi Patriji
" Being compassionate towards fellow human beings, towards fellow animal beings, towards fellow bird-beings and towards fellow fish-beings is one'sfundamental spiritual dharma. "
~ Brahmarshi Patriji
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What is Anapanasati Meditation?

Meditation is silencing the incessant chatter of the restless mind for that … we … begin … with … the … BREATH. The process of meditation is so very simple – Close your eyes and be with your normal, natural, soft, tranquil BREATH.

Meditation silences the incessant restless and useless waves of mind, thereby preserving soul’s energy leading to good health, great peace of mind and perfect wisdom in life. Meditation Procedure

" Message of The Day " " Excerpts from " Samarpan Yog " " (26th May 2017)

( Excerpts from “ Samarpan Yog ” by Swami Shivkrupanand )

“ Even after assuming the human body, the soul continues to remember facts about its Previous birth for many days. That’s why we often see little children suddenly laughing and then they suddenly start crying. All this happens because of the memories of their Previous birth. ”

“ The effect of the Previous birth remains in this birth for some Years and little children live with that influence. For example, if someone got burnt in his Previous birth and died as a result, then the child will always be afraid of fire even though he hasn’t had any experience of burning in his Present birth. That fear is due to the influence of his Previous birth, and this influence stays with him till he is five Years of age. Later on he slowly forgets everything because he starts learning other new things as he grows older. ”

“ For five years he remembers the reason why he assumed a human body, but as time Passes he forgets his original intention. Then he remembers it again when he obtains self-realization in the Proximity of some PARAMATMA’S medium or when he is approaching his death. He remembers his goal again under both these circumstances. ”

( Extracted by Subhash Patri )

Brahmarshi Patriji, founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM), realized the power of meditation through his own profound experiences early in his life and attained enlightenment in the year 1979. know more ..

” A great spiritual revolution is exploding throughout the earth. Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement of India is a significant part of this giant change ”  ~ Patriji

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